Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd Edition

A Christian Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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1. What Is the Old Testament and Why Study It? 2. Where and When Did the Events of the Old Testament Take Place? 3. Introduction to the Pentateuch: The Birth of God’s People 4. Genesis 1–11: The Prelude to Israel 5. Genesis 12–50: The Patriarchs: Ancestors of Israel’s Faith 6. Exodus: A Miraculous Escape 7. Leviticus: Instructions for Holy Living 8. Numbers: Failure in the Desert 9. Deuteronomy: Restoring the Covenant 10. Introduction to the Historical Books: The History of Israel's Nationhood 11. Joshua: Conquest and Division 12. Judges and Ruth: Israel's Moral Crisis 13. First Samuel: God Grants a King 14. Second Samuel: David's Reign 15. First Kings: The Glory of Solomon and the Beginning of the End 16. Second Kings: The End of National Israel 17. First and Second Chronicles: A Look Back 18. Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther: A Time to Rebuild 19. Introduction to the Poetical Books: The Literature of God's People 20. Job: One Man's Search for Justice 21. Psalms: The Songbook of Ancient Israel 22. Proverbs: Advice on Living in God's World 23. Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs: Israelite Faith in Everyday Life 24. Introduction to the Prophets: Voices of God's Servants 25. Isaiah 1–39: Prophet of Judah's Royal Court 26. Isaiah 40–66: Great Days Are Coming! 27. Jeremiah 1–20: Struggling with God's Call 28. Jeremiah 21–52 and Lamentations: Dealing with Disaster 29. Ezekiel 1–24: Rough Days Are Coming! 30. Ezekiel 25–48: God Is Planning an Exciting Future! 31. Daniel: The Kingdom of God—Now and Forever 32. Hosea, Joel, and Amos: A Call for Repentance and a Promise for Blessing 33. Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: God's Plan for the Nations 34. Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi: Rebuilding a People Epilogue: A Final Word