Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd Edition

A Christian Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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2. Where and When Did the Events of the Old Testament Take Place?

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the contrasts in the topographic features of Syria-Palestine?
  2. What significance do the constant power changes in Egypt have on its history overall?
  3. Of what importance were the highways of the ancient Near East?
  4. Who are the “sea peoples” and why are they important to Israel?
  5. What are the most important developments in Israel during the Late Bronze Age?

Class Activities

  1. Using a spelling bee format, ask a series of questions about the archaeological periods of ancient Near Eastern history based on the chart on page 46 of the textbook.
  2. Bring some manuscripts or photocopies of manuscripts that feature cuneiform or hieroglyphic writing for the students to examine.