Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd Edition

A Christian Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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14. Second Samuel: David's Reign

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you think Saul failed as a king? Can you find any parallels in world government leaders today?
  2. How important do you think it was it for David to select Jerusalem as his capital city?
  3. David’s kingship was challenged by Ishbosheth and Absalom. What have you seen in the history of Western civilizations that is similar? What do you think is the driving force behind this kind of challenge?
  4. Why did David set out to secure his borders?
  5. Is it fair for God to allow for consequences of sin after the sinner has repented of the sin?

Class Activities

  1. Lead a discussion about the problems David faced as king. On the board write: LOYAL/DISLOYAL. Have the students suggest names to be placed in each column. Have them relate the incidents surrounding each person.
  2. Lead a class discussion about the consequences of sin using David’s sin with Bathsheba as the basis for the discussion. Ask the students to relate specific incidents where the consequences of sin are clear.