Cinematic Faith

A Christian Perspective on Movies and Meaning



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Credit for the legwork in the construction of this eSource goes to former Calvin College students and McGregor Summer Fellows, Eckhart Chan and Michael Lentz.

General Resources

Box Office Mojo

An indispensable source for film production and box-office figures.

Internet Movie Database

A rich resource that provides plot descriptions, cast and crew identification, ratings and content information, as well as technical and financial information for nearly every film ever produced.

Movie Clips

Find official clips from your favorite movies.

David Bordwell

David Bordwell is a leading film scholar. His blog contains various articles, essays, and reviews. It is a great resource for current events and developments in the world of film.

College Film & Media Studies: A Reference Guide

This site, written by and for college students, contains webpages with definitions of terms and movie clips as illustrations.

Everything Is a Remix

A web series that shows how remixing has become a form of creativity. This documentary demonstrates how artists are constantly borrowing from others and shows the importance of understanding film history and genres.

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