James Walker

James Walker

James Walker graduated with a B.A. in Speech Education from the University of Washington. He later received an M.Div. from Talbot Theological Seminary.

In earlier years, he found interesting work at Knotts Berry Farm in California where he was employed as a stagecoach driver and shotgun guard while attending school. Then, Walker was off to join the U.S. Air Force where he became the youngest Drill Sergeant in the history of the Air Force. Walker also worked as an Air Force Survival Training Instructor, which gave him the opportunity to teach pilots the art of wilderness survival. He specialized in the area of prisoner-of-war survival with an emphasis on escape and evasion.

To add to the diversity, Walker has served in several ministry capacities. He served as Senior Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church in Laguna Hills, California as well ministering with the Navigators in both their Collegiate and Community ministries for over 15 years.

In addition, Walker worked as a creative and leadership consultant for companies such as Hewlett Packer and Wells Fargo Bank.

Currently, Walker is a member of the Western Writers of America, a group of writers who write the fiction and history of the West for publication, television and screen. He is also a member of the Western Lawman and Outlaw Associationa group of national writers who specialize in history of the Old West.

Books by James Walker

  1. The Ice Princess

    The Ice Princess

    May 1998
  2. The Warriors

    The Warriors

    May 1997
  3. The Oyster Pirates

    The Oyster Pirates

    Oct 1996
  4. The Desert Hawks

    The Desert Hawks

    Jun 1996
  5. The Rawhiders

    The Rawhiders

    Oct 1995
  6. The Rail Kings

    The Rail Kings

    Jun 1995
  7. The Nightriders

    The Nightriders

    Nov 1994
  8. The Dreamgivers

    The Dreamgivers

    Mar 1994