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Don't Let Fear Keep You from God's Calling

Jonathan Evans was riding the coattails of his father's relationship with God. The son of a highly accomplished pastor with a huge ministry, he was comfortable and did what he had to do, but he didn't push himself to figure out his own role or purpose. But as he got older, he realized he needed to do more with his life.

At some point, you have to understand your own calling and significance in the Kingdom of God. How does God want to use you? Jonathan uses the Old Testament leader Joshua as a model for stepping up to God's big call on your life. Before Joshua, Moses was the one who had spoken to God, performed miracles, and stood up to Pharaoh. But now Joshua had to come out to the front. So what did he do? How did he step up? And what steps can you take to seize now for yourself?

Now is your time. If you will be steadfast and unmovable, and always abound in what God is calling you to do, you'll see that it will not be in vain. He has a plan, a destiny for your life.

Now means not later. Now means don't wait. God wants to do great things. Right now.


"In Your Time Is Now, my son Jonathan shows he is committed to developing the next generation. I'm so excited to see how God will use Jonathan's calling to encourage you in your own! Get What God Has Given YOU in this book RIGHT NOW!"

Dr. Tony Evans, founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship; president of The Urban Alternative; radio and television broadcaster, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, and bestselling author

"Like a great pregame pep talk, this book will help you get out of the locker room onto the field, claiming victory in whatever God calls you to execute in your life."

Dak Prescott, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys

"If you want to do something big with your life but don't know where to start, you'll find the soul-stirring motivation and powerful tools you need in Your Time Is Now."

Trent Shelton, author and motivational speaker

"I've watched Jonathan navigate life with a passion, consistency, focus, and integrity that are exemplary. The principles and themes that he shares in these pages have been the compass charting his course at every stage. His vulnerability comes shining through as he shares heart-wrenching disappointments and the ways they shaped and fortified his faith. He asks tough questions and then gives practical, biblical insights that will become a catalyst for you moving forward. This book is good, and you'll be better off for having read it. Enjoy."

Priscilla Shirer, proud big sister but also a New York Times bestselling author and Bible teacher

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  1. Jonathan Evans
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    Jonathan Evans

    Jonathan Evans ( is an author, speaker, chaplain, and former NFL fullback. He seeks to impact today's young adults by equipping and encouraging them in their faith. Jonathan serves with his pastor, friend, and father, Dr. Tony Evans,...

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