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Daily Inspirations to Go Get What God Has Given You

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Step Up to God's Calling!

How does God want to use you? Not your parents. Not your pastor. Not your friend with all the social media followers. You!

The Old Testament leader Joshua is a great example for us to follow as we step up to God's call on our lives. Before Joshua, Moses was the one who spoke to God, performed miracles, and stood up to Pharaoh. But then Joshua had to come out to the front. So what did he do? How did he step up? And what steps can you take to seize the moment for yourself?

This 90-day devotional will inspire you to push aside fear and complacency in order to become something more, leading change in your relationships, work, community, and the world. Now is your time.

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  1. Jonathan Evans
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    Jonathan Evans

    Jonathan Evans ( is an author, speaker, chaplain, and former NFL fullback. He seeks to impact today's young adults by equipping and encouraging them in their faith. Jonathan serves with his pastor, friend, and father, Dr. Tony Evans,...

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