What Kids Need Most in a Mom, Repackaged Edition

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Superman is pure fiction. So what makes us think that "supermom" isn't?

With hope, honesty, and humor, What Kids Need Most in a Mom shows you how you can make the most of the love, talents, responsibilities, and frailties that God gave you as you mother your children. This helpful book focuses on essential motherhood know-how, such as

This insightful book will help you focus on what matters most when raising children. This edition includes a new introduction from the author.

The Author

  1. Patricia H. Rushford

    Patricia H. Rushford

    Award-winning author and speaker Patricia H. Rushford has written over fifty books, including five mystery series. She is the author of the Helen Bradley Mysteries, the Angel Delaney Mysteries, and the McAllister Files, which she wrote with a police detective....

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