Patricia H. Rushford

Patricia H. Rushford

Award-winning author and speaker Patricia H. Rushford has written over fifty books, including five mystery series. She is the author of the Helen Bradley Mysteries, the Angel Delaney Mysteries, and the McAllister Files, which she wrote with a police detective. She's also written the popular Jennie McGrady Mysteries and the Max & Me Mysteries for kids. Patricia conducts writers' workshops for adults and children and has been the director of the Oregon Christian Writer's Summer Conference and co-director of Writer's Weekend at the Beach. Patricia has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows across the United States and Canada. Connect with Patricia on Facebook and at

Books by Patricia H. Rushford

  1. What Kids Need Most in a Mom, Repackaged Edition

    What Kids Need Most in a Mom, Repackaged Edition

    Jul 2008
  2. As Good as Dead

    As Good as Dead

    Sep 2005
  3. Dying to Kill

    Dying to Kill

    Oct 2004
  4. Deadly Aim

    Deadly Aim

    Feb 2004