What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity

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Is God Dying?

Some people think so--and more want it so. They say Christian beliefs and our way of life aren't relevant anymore. But what critics and even many churchgoers don't realize is the life-changing importance of Christianity.

Showing how the world would be a dark place without Christianity, Unimaginable guides you through the halls of history to see how Jesus' teachings dramatically changed our world and continue to be the most powerful force for good today. Learn . . .

· How Christianity has stood against the evils of slavery (more than once), racism, eugenics, and injustices toward women and children

· Why freedom as a universal value and modern education and legal systems owe much to Christianity

· How Christians throughout the ages have demonstrated the value of human life by sacrificially caring for the sick, handicapped, marginalized, and dying

· How people of faith are extending God's kingdom through charities, social justice efforts, mental health initiatives, and other profound ways

This provocative and enlightening book is for anyone concerned about where our world is heading.

"This brilliant book is a wake-up call to a world that refuses to see the impact of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to a church that has too often forgotten who we are and what we believe."--SHEILA WALSH, co-host of Life Today

"An eye-opening work that should be read with pen in hand to mark points to remember. Truly powerful and persuasive."--LEE STROBEL, bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith

Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, is a New Testament scholar known for his unique communication skills and his infectious love for people. He speaks internationally, hosts the nationally syndicated Jeremiah Johnston Show, and is president of the Christian Thinkers Society, a resident institute at Houston Baptist University, where he serves as Associate Professor of Early Christianity. Jeremiah and his family live in Houston, Texas. Learn more at christianthinkers.com.

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    Jeremiah J. Johnston

    Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, (www.christianthinkers.com) is a New Testament scholar and frequent contributor to national publications and shows, including USA Today, Fox News, CNN, RelevantThe Christian Post, and...

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