A Christ-Centered Action Plan for Cultural Change

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Together we can change the conversation--and change the world.

We're often left in dead-end debates on racial tensions, foolishly expecting solutions from a culture obsessed with canceling and dividing. But what if the church could create a more effective dialogue?

For over two decades, Skot Welch has been a key advisor on diversity and inclusion around the world, in everything from the arts and entertainment to the church to Fortune 500 companies. With wisdom and a humble graciousness, he challenges us to rethink the way we talk about race and ethnicity, empowering you to

· celebrate both your identity in Christ and diverse cultural makeup
· embrace a new kingdom language that is biblically grounded and culturally relevant
· explore a Christ-centered perspective on hard but crucial questions
· build a united, diverse community where compassionate, challenging conversations can take place

The church holds the redemptive solution our world needs, one that puts Christ at the center, modeling conciliation that leads to lasting reconciliation. 


"A roadmap for those topics we're trained to avoid. Skot takes the most complicated matters of life and offers simple and profound clarity through Scripture and personal testimony. The takeaways in this book are numerous and compose the recipe for the Christocentric life those who believe are thirsting for."

Katie Appold, MPA, owner, Nonprofit Nav; executive director, AIRS; adjunct professor of nonprofit leadership, Cornerstone University

"Jesus prayed in John 17:21 that the church would be one. As Christians who are in pursuit of God's will, we have to eventually deal with the things that are keeping us from being united as the body of Christ. In Unfractured, Skot Welch opens the dialogue about how the identity crisis we have as Christians keeps us divided, and he helps us center ourselves on Christ, without whom no unity is possible."

Joel Brooks Jr., pastor, Stones Church, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan

"In this urgently needed book, Skot Welch delivers both a prophetic punch and a practical action plan for cultural change in a world of increasing division. As you read, you'll be troubled, encouraged, changed."

Jeff Crosby, publishing executive; author, The Language of the Soul

"Despite the increasing desire of organizations to build diverse teams, the value of diversity and the ways forward often need to be clarified. Unfractured presents Skot's knowledge of diversity and cultural intelligence from his lived experiences and life as a black professional. His approach is intriguing, thought-provoking, and practical."

Terumi Echols, president and publisher, InterVarsity Press

"Skot Welch is a steady and reconciling voice. His newest book, Unfractured, is filled with research, reasoning, and warmth. It pierces  without polarizing. It's theological and thoughtful and shows us the better way as Christians living in a divided world."

Scott Hagan, PhD, president, North Central University

"Some may take offense at this book's honest and often uncomfortable approach to religious racism. But if you're ready for a hard conversation that will renew your mind and align your heart with the heart of God, you won't do better than to read this beautiful book by my friend Skot Welch."

Stan Jantz, CEO, Come and See Foundation

"Unfractured dares to push Christians into a new era by challenging us to embrace our true Christ-centered identity. Once we start walking in the identity that Christ intended for us, we can truly shift the culture. Unfractured lays out practical and actionable steps for us to get there."

Xavier "X" Jernigan, The Voice of Spotify; deacon, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York

"Unfractured is the racial-unity book the church needs. Welch provides a Gospel-centered framework that helps leaders work against racism, toward unity. With uncompromising biblical understanding of human value and a call to action against deceptions that would cause Christians to devalue life, Welch provides tangible actions to unfracture the kingdom."

Dr. Desirée Libengood, associate vice president of academics, North Central University

"I count it an honor to call Skot a personal mentor. Over the years, I have witnessed how these thoughts like having a Christocentric, ethnoconscious identity have transformed church culture. Skot's grace, patience, and love allow a rare opportunity for this trusted guide to help churches navigate this sensitive space."

Rich Nibbe, executive pastor, NPHX Church, Phoenix, Arizona

"Skot has reminded us that we were put on earth to serve God with everyone, everywhere, and in everything, unto God. Thank you, Skot, for bringing us back to our true identity, and for challenging us to remember that we all have a purpose and plan on earth. We are uniquely and wonderfully made, and we thank you for this book that is a work of heart for us all."

Janis Petrini, Purpose Driven Talent

"Skot Welch has written a timely and powerful book that challenges us to rethink how we talk about race and ethnicity in the church and beyond. With biblical insight and practical wisdom, he shows us how to celebrate our diversity, embrace a new kingdom language, and engage in compassionate conversations that lead to reconciliation. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be part of God's redemptive solution for our broken world."

Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor, New Season; president and CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; author, Your Mess, God's Miracle; executive producer, Breakthrough and Flamin' Hot

"For those interested in experiencing the transformational power of a unified church, you must read Unfractured. Skot Welch draws on years of diversity, equity, and inclusion experience to provide powerful insights and effective tools for us to heal fractures caused by secular influences and cultural differences to become a unified church."

Deloris S. Thomas, PhD, president, Joseph Business School

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  1. Skot Welch
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    Skot Welch

    Skot Welch is the founder of Global Bridgebuilders, an internationally respected diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm. Working with organizations ranging from churches to Fortune 500 companies, Skot leads the Global Bridgebuilders team in...

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