A Christ-Centered Action Plan for Cultural Change

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Together we can change the conversation--and change the world.

We're often left in dead-end debates on racial tensions, foolishly expecting solutions from a culture obsessed with canceling and dividing. But what if the church could create a more effective dialogue?

For over two decades, Skot Welch has been a key advisor on diversity and inclusion around the world, in everything from the arts and entertainment to the church to Fortune 500 companies. With wisdom and a humble graciousness, he challenges us to rethink the way we talk about race and ethnicity, empowering you to

· celebrate both your identity in Christ and diverse cultural makeup
· embrace a new kingdom language that is biblically grounded and culturally relevant
· explore a Christ-centered perspective on hard but crucial questions
· build a united, diverse community where compassionate, challenging conversations can take place

The church holds the redemptive solution our world needs, one that puts Christ at the center, modeling conciliation that leads to lasting reconciliation. 

The Author

  1. Skot Welch
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    Skot Welch

    Skot Welch is the founder of Global Bridgebuilders, an internationally respected diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm. Working with organizations from churches to Fortune 500 companies, Skot leads the Global Bridgebuilders team in transforming...

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