Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity

From Pentecost to the Present

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This book tells the story of pivotal turning points in the expansion of Christianity, enabling readers to grasp the big picture of missional trends and critical developments. Alice Ott examines thirteen key points in the growth of Christianity and its impact on world history from the Jerusalem Council to Lausanne '74. Each chapter begins with a close-up view of a particularly compelling episode in Christian history before panning out for a broader historical outlook. This fascinating account of worldwide Christianity is suitable not only for the classroom, but also for churches, workshops, and other seminars.

The Author

  1. Alice T. Ott

    Alice T. Ott

    Alice T. Ott (PhD Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is affiliate professor of the history of mission and world Christianity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. She previously served as a missionary in Germany for 21 years...

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