The Queen's Cook

series: Queen Esther's Court

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In the heart of ancient Persia, the empire's Jewish citizens face an ominous edict that threatens their very existence. Roxannah, the daughter of a once-privileged but now impoverished Persian lord, is devastated by the news. Her father sees this edict as a stroke of good fortune, an opportunity to settle his mounting debts by killing the Jewish physician, Adin, and seizing his belongings, but instead he meets his own untimely end, leaving Roxannah destitute and adrift. Desperate and determined to support her mother while settling the debt, Roxannah approaches Adin--the man whose kind eyes still haunt her--to help her find employment in Queen Esther's kitchens.

In the opulent palace of Susa, Roxannah strives to overcome prejudice and adversity as she ascends through the ranks in the royal kitchen. Her culinary talent earns her the trust and mentorship of Queen Esther herself, a woman of grace and wisdom, who is navigating treacherous palace politics and whispers of her inability to produce an heir after six years of marriage. Amid this unfolding connection, Roxannah and Adin uncover a sinister plot against Amestris, the king's most powerful wife and Esther's archenemy. As secrets unravel and alliances are tested, the fate of Amestris and Esther's reign hang in the balance.

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  1. Tessa Afshar
    © Emilie Haney

    Tessa Afshar

    Tessa Afshar's ( biblical fiction has been on Publishers Weekly, CBA, and ECPA bestseller lists and has been translated into twelve languages. Her novel Pearl in the Sand is the recipient of ECPA's Bronze Milestone Sales Award....

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