The Queen's Cook

series: Queen Esther's Court

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"A tender and touching tale. Tessa Afshar has given us two wonderfully charming heroines."--ANGELA HUNT, New York Times bestselling author of The Emissaries series

In the heart of ancient Persia, the empire's Jewish citizens face an ominous edict that threatens their very existence. Roxannah, the daughter of an impoverished Persian lord, is devastated by the news but feels helpless to come to the aid of her Jewish friends. Desperate to support her family, Roxannah approaches the royal physician, Adin--the man whose kind eyes haunt her--and seeks his help to find employment in Queen Esther's kitchens.
In the opulent palace of Susa, Roxannah tries to survive the spiteful ploys of the other cooks as she ascends through the ranks. Her loyalty earns her the trust and friendship of Queen Esther, who is navigating dangerous politics with wisdom and grace. When Roxannah and Adin uncover a sinister plot against Amestris, the king's most powerful wife and Esther's archenemy, they find themselves tasked with the impossible job of discovering the culprit. As secrets unravel and alliances are tested, the fate of Esther's reign hangs in the balance.


"What an extraordinary story of Esther! This tender and touching tale of what might have happened in Esther's later years is simply--well, delicious. A wonderful depiction of life in Persia and the Jews who continued to live in that ancient land. In Roxannah and Esther, Tessa Afshar has given us two wonderfully charming heroines."

Angela Hunt, New York Times bestselling author of The Emissaries series

"I loved this book! Tessa's brilliance shines on these pages. In her signature way, Tessa tells stories, weaves biblical themes, and unearths traumas we can all relate to. The Queen's Cook reminds us that our pain and past will impact our present until we face them head-on. And that our identity is God-given and God-breathed, not attached to who we've been. This story made me cry, cheer, and pray that all who are hurting will be healed and established in God's best purpose for them. Enjoy this book. What a great read!"

Susie Larson, talk radio host, national speaker, and bestselling author

"Afshar's writing shines in this brilliant perspective shift on Queen Esther's story. I loved all the detailed recipes (like only Tessa could do) and the weaving of characters' lives in a way that reflects the true complexity of our everyday existence. Searching biblical fiction relatable for today's reader."

Mesu Andrews, bestselling and Christy Award-winning author

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  1. Tessa Afshar
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    Tessa Afshar

    Tessa Afshar's award-winning biblical fiction has been on Publishers Weekly, CBA, and ECPA bestseller lists and has been translated into twelve languages. Born in the Middle East, Tessa spent her teen years in England and later moved to the United...

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