Reading Koine Greek

An Introduction and Integrated Workbook


2. Nouns: Part 1—Nominative and Accusative Cases 3. Nouns: Part 2—Genitive and Dative Cases 4. Pronouns: Part 1—Personal Pronouns 5. Verbs: Part 1—Verb Basics 6. Modifiers—Adjectives and Adverbs 7. Verbs: Part 2—Simple Aorist Verbs 8. Syntax: Part 1—Conjunctions 9. Syntax: Part 2—Prepositions 10. Pronouns: Part 2—Other Types of Pronouns 11. Third Declension: Part 1—Nouns 12. Third Declension: Part 2—Adjectives and Pronouns 13. Verbs: Part 3—Verbal Semantics 14. Verbs: Part 4—Present (Imperfective) Indicative Verbs 15. Verbs: Part 5—Passive Voice and Middle-Only Verbs 16. Verbs: Part 6—Imperfect (Remote Imperfective) Indicative Verbs 17. Verbs: Part 7—Aorist (Perfective) Indicative Verbs 18. Verbs: Part 8—Second Aorist (Perfective) Indicative Verbs 19. Verbs: Part 9—Future Indicative Verbs 20. Verbs: Part 10—Perfect and Pluperfect (Stative) Indicative Verbs 21. Verbs: Part 11—Contract and Liquid Verbs 22. Non-finite Verbs: Part 1—Infinitives 23. Non-finite Verbs: Part 2—Imperfective Adverbial Participles 24. Non-finite Verbs: Part 3—Perfective Adverbial Participles 25. Non-finite Verbs: Part 4—Adjectival Participles 26. Non-finite Verbs: Part 5—Stative and Future Participles 27. Non-finite Verbs: Part 6—Genitive Absolutes and Periphrastics 28. Verbs: Part 12—Subjunctive-Mood Verbs 29. Verbs: Part 13—Imperative- and Optative-Mood Verbs 30. Syntax: Part 3—Formal Conditions 31. Syntax: Part 4—Informal Conditions and Discourse 32. MI Verbs: Part 1—Indicative Mood 33. MI Verbs: Part 2—Non-indicative Forms Appendix A. Reference Charts