More Than a Theory

Revealing a Testable Model for Creation

series: Reasons to Believe

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Faith and science are not incompatible

Christians are increasingly challenged with evolution theories as the only models for the origins and histories of the universe and life. But is there any valid scientifically testable alternative?

More Than a Theory offers a comprehensive, testable creation model and supplies Christians with the scientific information they need to defend their conviction that the Creator is the God of the Bible. Complete with appendices that put competing models for creation and/or evolution to the same kinds of tests, More Than a Theory is a bold and brave work that will stir profitable discussion in both the scientific and the religious realms.

The Author

  1. Hugh Ross

    Hugh Ross

    Hugh Ross (PhD, University of Toronto) is founder and president of international and interdenominational Reasons To Believe ( He is the author of many books, including The Creator and the Cosmos, More Than a Theory, and Why...

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