Light Force

A Stirring Account of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire

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Brother Andrew's ministry began with smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. His phenomenally successful book God's Smuggler was born from that mission.

But as communism in Eastern Europe declined, Brother Andrew shifted his focus to strengthening the Christian church within the Islamic world. In a time when a mass exodus of Christians has drained the Middle East of God's light, Brother Andrew headed into this war-torn land to bring hope and encouragement to those who remained.

Light Force recounts the continuing saga of Brother Andrew's most recent mission. Through dramatic true stories, readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at real people affected by the centuries-old conflicts in this volatile part of the world. Now readers can join Brother Andrew and fellow Open Doors missionary Al Janssen in their quest to strengthen God's light in the Middle East. These gripping accounts of Christians caught in the crossfire will captivate readers everywhere.


"Light Force is an engaging, informed, sensitive and (inevitably) controversial book. Brother Andrew and Al Janssen hold up a different lens by which we can view the deepest and oldest conflict on this planet. Rather than taking sides, the authors recognize the plight of Palestinian Christians, torn apart by a war they do not want, but cannot escape. With eye-opening and heart-stirring stories that offer glimpses beneath the boiling surface of conflict, Light Force offers the only source of hope and reconciliation for Jews and Arabs within Israeli borders: Jesus Christ. This is a book which invites applause and criticism. It will edify and offend, fostering healthy and much-needed discussion and debate in the western church. I have worshipped in several messianic congregations with Jewish Christians in Israel, and fellowshipped with Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem and Gaza. My heart breaks for the anguish experienced by both. I pray that together these disciples of Jesus would link arms, displaying to the watching world the miracle of reconciliation that exceeds all human hope and explanation. The friendship of the children depicted on the cover of this book requires a miracle...and Jesus specializes in working miracles."--Randy Alcorn, author, Safely Home and The Grace and Truth Paradox

The Authors

  1. Brother Andrew

    Brother Andrew

    In 1955, Brother Andrew (1928-2022) discovered that Christians behind the Iron Curtain were denied access to Bibles. He told his story in God's Smuggler, then for the next 50 years ministered to persecuted Christians around the world while presenting...

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  2. Al Janssen
    Jamie Olson

    Al Janssen

    Al Janssen has more than five decades of experience as a writer, editor and publisher. He worked alongside Brother Andrew for 15 years, and together they wrote Light Force and Secret Believers, telling the stories of Christians in the Islamic...

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"This man's courage is not just a case of bravado on steroids."--Charisma

"Historical in its telling and inspirational in its reading."--Charisma

"Light Force is very enlightening and thought-provoking; the first-person voice adds a sense of humanity to history--a feeling of holiness to headlines."--CCM Magazine

"This book is an evangelistic adventure."--Advance