In Stone and Story

Early Christianity in the Roman World

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A note from the author of In Stone and Story.

Most of these learning resources have been carefully compiled by Rodney Kilgore (currently my graduate assistant). I am grateful for his pedagogical expertise in this regard.

The quiz questions (which are available by request only) in these e-Sources are not intended to be difficult; they are meant to be resources useable by teachers to ensure that students have read the textbook before coming to a class in which they will be quizzed on the material.

The discussion questions in these e-Sources are intended to be different in character to the discussion questions in the appendix of In Stone and Story (“Questions to Consider”). Questions in the book ask readers to consider New Testament passages that are not mentioned in the main text of the book’s chapters. The questions in these e-Sources, however, elaborate issues that are discussed within the chapters of the book.

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