Wordless Prayer

How God Hears and Answers Your Groans and Tears

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The Most Powerful Prayers Don't Need Words

Spurred to prayer by tragedy, pain, frustration, or raw hunger for God, you've felt it: the joyful anguish, the grief-longing, the burden for mercy, reformation, revival, justice--even Christ's return. Your heart is gripped, and words cannot express all that is churning deep in your soul.

It's here, in this holy ground beyond human language, where mysteries are unveiled, authority is imparted, and the most powerful prayers are birthed--not by you, but by the Holy Spirit within you. Through biblical insight, prophetic impartations, and fiery encouragement, intercessory leader Tammie Southerland empowers you to

· yield to the Spirit's perfect prayers when you have no words left
· intercede with Christ according to the will of heaven
· live as a faithful witness and bold messenger who moves in the miraculous
· bear eternal fruit in crisis, setbacks, and persecution

You've been gripped for a purpose. Step into the transformative dimension of wordless prayer and become a lightning rod for heaven to manifest on earth.

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  1. Tammie Southerland
    © Eden Southerland

    Tammie Southerland

    Tammie Southerland (FrontlineFire.org) is an international speaker, author, and the founder and forerunning leader of Frontline Ministries, FireHouse Media, and the Burning Ones Academy. Host of Burning Messengers podcast, she is a frequent media guest,...

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