Turn Toward the Sun

Releasing What If and Embracing What Is

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Discover the joy of embracing life as it comes

If recent world events have taught us anything, it's that life doesn't always look the way we want it to look. And while we can't control the curveballs life throws at us, we can control our response to them. We can choose to loosen our grip on what we think life is "supposed" to be and embrace life for exactly what it is--messiness and mayhem and all. We can choose to stubbornly turn toward the sun, even as the storm rages around us. That surrender is where true happiness and peace lie.

With insights born from her own hard-won battles, Mandy Hale turns her attention (and her sizable wit) to showing you what she's learned about letting go of the desire to control everything in life. With the honesty and authenticity she's known for, Mandy inspires you to stop striving, live in the moment, sit with your experiences, and trust God with the unknown.

If you've felt depleted or despairing as you've wrestled with circumstances beyond your control, you will find in Mandy a kind and trustworthy guide through the storm.


"Mandy Hale never misses a (heart)beat! Her latest lessons in Turn toward the Sun bring essential clarity to love and life among the post-2020 confusion. No platitudes, just perspective, perseverance, purpose, and peace. Mandy faces life's hurts and challenges head-on--possibly her bravest move yet. And the gift to her readers is knowing we can do it too."

Tiffany Griffith, Atlanta journalist by day; hopeless romantic by night; lover of live music, cupcakes, and Gator football in the in-between times

"Turn toward the Sun is a down-to-earth guidebook for shifting your perspective to the light, no matter how hard life hits you. Like getting together with a best friend who really sees me and accepts me right where I'm at, this book made me laugh, cry, and hope again. It's sure to become your favorite quotable inspiration."

Cindy (Goyette) Cook, Nashville single mom, grandmother, wellness coach, motivator, and former break dancer; #SeeYouAtTheFinishLine

"If you've read any of Mandy Hale's books, you know she has a gift for putting things in a way that makes her readers feel not only seen but in good company. In her latest release, Turn toward the Sun, she does that and more, sharing a mixture of personal stories and biblical references that made me as a reader exclaim, 'Yes! All of THIS!' several times while reading it."

Jenae Ivy, a girl in Maryland, believing the best is still yet to come

"Raw. Real. Encouraging. In Turn toward the Sun, Mandy paints a refreshing picture of a renewed perspective. After 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, this book is a true breath of fresh air. It challenges me to be present and own every moment while enjoying every part of right now. Mandy's message strengthens my faith and reinforces my perspective in who God has called me to be."

Chris Osmore, creative professional in Kerrville, Texas

"I have read every book Mandy Hale has written--some more than once--and I've loved every single one. But this one spoke to my soul in a way no book ever has before. Much like sitting in my church listening to my pastor do a Sunday morning sermon, every word I read felt like it was directed solely at me. To be able to live in the what is and not in the what if is something I hope I can put into practice in the coming year. Mandy's transparency and honesty are not only inspiring; they're authentic. Somehow each book she writes tops the last one, but this one blew me away!"

Danielle Jenkins, (almost) forty-one and embracing the present one day at a time in speck-on-the-map Pine Prairie, Louisiana

"I've been reading/following Mandy Hale for almost ten years now, and her books consistently speak to me. Her words are balm for the soul. In particular, with Turn toward the Sun, if you're struggling with the what if vs. the what is of life, I encourage you to grab a hot cup of cocoa and settle in on the couch for a comforting read. Mandy's words will bring you peace of mind, which we all need more of these days."

Alisen James, forty-five and embracing what is in San Diego, California

"Through her courageous and brilliant illumination of her pitfalls in past relationships, her struggles with adjustments to life in quarantine, and the heartache of personal and family tragedy, Mandy Hale adroitly provides her readership with wisdom and warning mixed with clarity and compassion: a winning combination by any standard!"

Ravi Meibalane, physician in Nashville, Tennessee

"Authentic. Transparent. Forthcoming. These are just a few words to describe Mandy Hale, as evidenced in all her books, especially Turn toward the Sun. Reading this book felt like sitting across the table from a friend sharing stories. Mandy has helped me feel not so alone as a fifty-two-year-old single woman. Mandy's books consistently leave me encouraged!"

Sheina Renée Adelman, content in Ankeny, Iowa

"Mandy Hale, one of my best friends in my head, hooks you with the introduction alone. In Turn toward the Sun, Mandy is right on time for me like she always is. In this stage of my life, I am constantly battling between what if and what is, and Mandy made me realize I'm not alone in this battle. From her words about faith and God to her words about control and letting go, this book made me feel seen. If you are in that 'lost' stage in your life, look no further than Mandy's new book to help you, encourage you, and most importantly--uplift you."

Jaime Huger, true-blue hopeless romantic and nostalgia queen in Charleston

"This book spoke directly to my heart and reminded me that I must stop dwelling in the what ifs of life and start living in the what is. Mandy once again gets real and honest and shares intimate details of her life with her readers. From the effects of the pandemic on her own mental health to how her family dealt with both of her parents struggling with cancer at the same time; from saying a final goodbye to and letting go of a man she, at one time, thought was her future to how she continues to grow closer to God each and every day; along with some lighthearted, insightful analyses of the mysterious male species that every single woman ponders from time to time--this book has something every reader can relate to. I have read each of Mandy's books multiple times (if you haven't done this yourself, what are you waiting for?) and this book clearly demonstrates how Mandy has grown and learned from life's lessons along the way."

Susan Mackey, corporate accountant, single mom of two teenage girls, and child of God, who has been reminded by my favorite author, Mandy Hale, in her books that "my imperfect self is perfectly ENOUGH"

"Another book blessing from my proverbial virtual big sister! To think that reading Mandy's first book eight years ago would lead to life lessons, amazing friendships, and even me helping endorse this book! Thank you, Mandy, for sharing parts of your heart and your life that ended up helping me find and embrace myself!"

Jazmine Thomas, a single woman from Ohio who thrives at saving lives

"Turn toward the Sun is a true testament about being a single woman in your forties: from navigating life in the midst of a pandemic to dealing with cancer, anxiety, friendships, dating, and more. Mandy Hale is insightful, passionate, and completely honest when it comes to describing life as a single woman. Her struggles are our struggles, and her faith is inspiring! This book was like reading my own diary!"

Ronda Darnell, Nashville believer

"Mandy Hale tackles the real in Turn toward the Sun. She is bold enough to get downright honest about the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had on her family, her world views, and even her own self-confidence and mental health. She dives into her inner soul with this transparent project. This book will take you on a journey that will help you learn about yourself and who you truly are. This is a bold venture for Mandy and a must-read."

Brandon McCullen, writer from Tennessee

"Mandy has always walked a faithful path, in or out of stilettos. In her latest book, Turn toward the Sun, her faithfulness isn't weakened; it's fortified. Here she shines by just being herself, living the what is as authentically as she does while knowing there's a light she can trust and always turn toward."

Andrea Mendoza, modestly published writer, vaingloriously joyful mama

"Thanks to all of Mandy's books, I have always felt seen and heard and, most importantly, not alone in this funny thing called life. In Turn toward the Sun, Mandy is real and raw about her experiences through the pandemic and other moments of darkness that life can present to you. She once again reminds me that I am not alone. This book ended up being a ray of light to guide my way when I didn't even realize I was in need of some sunshine."

Lucy Calvillo, who will always believe in fairy tales in not-always-sunny San Diego

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