12 Weeks of Drinking Deeply from God’s Word

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Real refreshment for the parched soul

We all want more out of life. More than just humdrum. More than just good enough. We want the abundant life Jesus promised us. We want living water so that we'll never thirst again. But we can't slake our thirst by sipping here and there from Scripture, which is the way many devotionals present God's Word to us.

Thirsty offers a fresh approach, focusing your attention on one short passage of Scripture for an entire week, encouraging you to memorize, understand, and apply its truth to your life. After twelve weeks of these rich, deep dives into God's Word, you'll find your soul restored and your life changed.

If you long for a closer relationship with God despite a packed schedule, discover how you can drink deeply from the well of Scripture in just twenty minutes a day.

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  1. Hannah C. Hall
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    Hannah C. Hall

    Hannah C. Hall is a popular speaker and a bestselling and award-winning author of more than 30 children's books, with over 1 million books in print. Her titles include multiple ECPA bestsellers, a Selah Award winner, a Cascade Award winner, and a Christian...

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