The Military Guide to Armageddon

Battle-Tested Strategies to Prepare Your Life and Soul for the End Times

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We Are at War Right Now

The forces of light and darkness are already lined up in battle array as the world moves closer to the end of the age.

Using spiritual warfare tactics and his own military experience on the battlefield, U.S. Army Colonel David J. Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson equip you as a believer to be battle ready.

This training manual will teach you to
· counter the darkness of approaching end-times forces
· develop your spiritual gifts so you can walk in the supernatural power and protection of the Holy Spirit
· move to a new level of spiritual warfare following biblical and military principles
· prepare for the intersection of biblical prophecy with real-time world events

Become fully equipped and trained in the weapons of spiritual warfare! You are gifted by the Holy Spirit--now be empowered, disciplined and courageous, ready to do battle with the forces of this present darkness in these last days.

U.S. Army chaplain Colonel David J. Giammona retired in 2018 after 32 years of military service. He is an end-times expert, scholar, author, writer and speaker who oversees the Warrior Refuge, a 46-acre ministry resort near Columbus, Georgia. Find out more at and

Troy Anderson
is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and the bestselling co-author of The Babylon Code and Trumpocalypse. He writes for Reuters, Newsmax, Townhall and other media outlets. Find out more at and


"Giammona and Anderson take readers on a deep, riveting journey into preparing for the perilous world of the end times with The Military Guide to Armageddon. This read is a grand slam!"

Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas; contributor, Fox News; adjunct professor, Dallas Theological Seminary; host, Pathway to Victory

"My emphasis has been and will always be the glory of God. His glory will be to strengthen us to survive the end times. But it is also necessary for us to prepare our life and soul for the end times. What a great spiritual balance to walk in the glory and to have the manual to prepare for the last scene of the last act of the last book of the Bible, Revelation!"

Sid Roth, host, It's Supernatural!

"This book is not only the wake-up call needed for all believers, it is also a powerful spiritual preparation manual that unlocks for all of us how we should live in the last days. It is time for the church to wake up, put on the full armor of God and prepare for what's ahead."

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Jewish Voice Ministries International; host, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

"Giammona and Anderson have written a must-read for anyone who aspires to be a warrior for God in the end times. Read this book--and learn from the best."

Dr. Thomas Horn, CEO, SkyWatch TV

"While so much of the Christian world today is content to hide its head in the sand and ignore the many clear warnings and exhortations of the Bible concerning the last days, The Military Guide to Armageddon is chock full of wisdom that will help the believer navigate the great challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."

Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author, teacher, filmmaker

"Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson have written a must-read primer for anyone considering how to strengthen their walk with God in the end times."

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert F. Dees (Ret.), decorated U.S. army general; associate vice president, Military Outreach, and director, Institute for Military Resilience, at Liberty University; campaign chairman for Dr. Ben Carson; author, Resilience

"The Military Guide to Armageddon is one of the most important books I have read in a long time! This spiritually powerful and biblically balanced book is essential reading for any leader, man or woman who seeks to obey God's call to be an effective spiritual warrior in these last days. This practical book will teach you how to be battle ready, effective and victorious as a spiritual warrior."

Dr. Paul McGuire, bestselling author

"This is a very timely book, because the signs that Jesus instructed us to watch for just prior to His return are coming to pass right in front of our eyes. I strongly encourage everyone to buy this book and to share it with others. This guide will give you a better understanding of how the military chess pieces are moving into place, and it won't be too long before a major conflict erupts. This is a time of wars and rumors of wars, and the authors have worked hard to give us some insight into what is really going on out there."

Michael Snyder, The Most Important News

"Being a special operator in the Special Warfare Command of the U.S. Navy (ret.), I have a vested interest in war and its complexity. Chaplain Colonel Giammona has mastered the contrast of spiritual and physical war and their similarities with stellar clarity. The best book on end-time preparation I've ever read. Stunning."

M. David Roever, D.D., founder, president, CEO, Operation Warrior RECONnect

The Authors

  1. Col. David J. Giammona
    © Micah Riley Photography

    Col. David J. Giammona

    U.S. Army chaplain Colonel David J. Giammona is an end-times expert, scholar, author, writer, speaker, host of FrontLine and president of Battle Ready Ministries. Find out more at

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  2. Troy Anderson
    © Sean Roberts

    Troy Anderson

    Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, the bestselling co-author of numerous books and the vice president and COO of Battle Ready Ministries. Find out more at

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