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The Harvest of Medieval Theology

Gabriel Biel and Late Medieval Nominalism

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"Oberman has used all the skills of a specialist to present to us a form of medieval theology which is of great relevance for all theologians."--Theology Today

First printed in 1963, this book remains a standard for students of late medieval theology. Oberman explains the theology and philosophy of late medieval nominalism through an analysis of the writings of Gabriel Biel (d.1495). Because Biel is believed to have had a profound influence on the young Martin Luther, Oberman's book, now back in print, is as important for Reformation studies as it is for Renaissance and medieval studies. 

The Author

  1. Heiko A. Oberman

    Heiko A. Oberman

    Heiko A. Oberman (Ph.D., University of Utrecht) is professor of European history at the University of Arizona and the author of many books.

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