The Doctrine of Regeneration, Classic Edition

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Rediscover a beloved classic of Puritan theology

Regeneration is a supernatural work of God that transforms human hearts, enabling us to experience the life more abundant that Jesus promised His followers. First published posthumously in 1840, Stephen Charnock's The Doctrine of Regeneration examines

· the nature, biblical origins, and historic Christian understanding of regeneration
· how the ongoing process of regeneration enables us to live more and more in accordance with God's will
· objections to the doctrine of regeneration, including questions of determinism and free will

Comprehensive, insightful, and evergreen, this handsome new edition is sure to be a welcome addition to your library.

The Author

  1. Stephen Charnock

    Stephen Charnock

    Stephen Charnock was a Puritan clergyman born in London in 1628 and educated at Emmanuel College at Cambridge, where he was converted to the Christian faith. He ministered in both England and Ireland during the tumultuous time of Oliver Cromwell and Charles...

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