The Disciple-Making Church, Updated Edition

Leading a Body of Believers on the Journey of Faith

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Every Christian is called to make disciples

Often there is so much focus in our churches on the first part of Christ's Great Commission--evangelism--that the second part is omitted. The omission is not the preaching of Christ or the importance of world mission; it is the teaching of others on what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus. The sad result is generations of believers trying to be different from the world and not understanding why they aren't.

In this update of his groundbreaking book, Bill Hull explains why disciple making must be the focus of the church and shows us our part in making it happen. With practical examples drawn from vast ministry experience, Hull helps the church deepen and enrich the lives of believers as they learn to truly follow Christ.


"Bill Hull's vision for a disciple-making church has been transformational in my personal life and an inspiration to the leaders of my church. The Disciple-Making Church should be a staple for any pastor or lay leader seeking to build a church that thrives on being and making disciples of Jesus Christ."--Brian Benson, senior pastor, Chino Valley Community Church, Chino Hills, California

"Bill Hull is one of the most influential thinkers today on discipleship for the church. His own extensive pastoral experience, combined with his long history as a consultant to many churches and denominations worldwide, not only gives him a theoretical foundation but also equips him to give very practical help for the church in this book."--Michael J. Wilkins, distinguished professor of New Testament language and literature, dean of the faculty, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"Bill Hull has once again challenged me deeply. With great passion and eloquence he presents the biblical case for disciple making. This book will make readers pause to examine both their life and their ministry. I heartily recommend it." --Jim Pearson, senior pastor, Brookside Church; author, Minefields in the Marketplace

"In my pastorates I have used The Disciple-Making Church as a training manual for church leaders. This revision updates and improves what is already one of the finest pieces of work available on disciple making." --Byron Morgan, senior pastor, Mountain View Church, Marietta, Georgia

"Bill brings the catalytic combination of inspiration and know-how to disciple making in the local church. This is still the need of the hour, to return the church to her disciple-making roots. I know of no one who can serve the church better in her call to obey the Great Commission than Bill Hull." --Sandy Mason, church planter and senior pastor of Desert View Bible Church, Phoenix, Arizona

The Author

  1. Bill Hull

    Bill Hull

    Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist as well as the founder of T-Net International, a ministry devoted to transforming churches into disciple-making churches. He has spent more than twenty years as a pastor and is the author of several books, including...

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