Raising Prophetic Kids

The Building Blocks of Nurturing Spiritual Gifts

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Usher Your Children into Their Highest Calling

Has your daughter come to you about a dream she's had or a feeling of a future happening? Does your son see angels or blurt out messages that could only come from God? 

Having raised four spiritually gifted sons activated into prophetic ministry, prophetic mentor and teacher Debra Giles helps you identify and develop your children's unique spiritual giftings. Packed with biblically based teaching, prophetic activations, practical exercises, and real-world tools, this hands-on guide empowers you to confidently

· recognize attributes and signs of prophetic gifting
· discern your children's unique purpose and destiny
· guide them as they learn to operate in their gifts
· cultivate a spiritually fertile home environment
· prepare them for personal ministry and to release God's truth
· step back when their gifts have matured

God is calling forth a new generation of Samuels and Deborahs--here's everything you need to train them in the way they should go.


"Raising Prophetic Kids is a masterful blueprint for parents as they partner with God in raising the next generation. At a time when today's youth face unprecedented challenges, Debra Giles shares practical tools to ensure children thrive spiritually and fulfill their God-given destiny."

Charlene Aaron, television co-host and news anchor, CBN

"This book is truly amazing! With five gifted sons of my own, I can attest to its phenomenal principles for parenting. Whether you're aware of having prophetic children or not, the guidelines and instructions are invaluable. Thanks for sharing your transparent journey, Apostle Debra!"

Prophetess Brenda Todd, Gap Standers International

"To see and hear the profound ministry of Apostle Debra Giles is to experience the intense background of warfare, worship,and tutelage of this esteemed author. She's more than qualified to show you how to activate a prophetic child, believe their experiences, cultivate environments for growth and discovery, become a helper in their destiny, build a sturdy foundation, teach them balance, and show them how to live in legacy! This prophet knows when to let go and when to hold fast. All of these are principles that must be established to raise a successful child of the prophetic. If you'd never met the author but saw the product in her children, you would have to admit beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is a success. If you follow the principles herein, the results are certain to make you weep with gladness but also pray with faith and become a skillful parent of sagacious children. Superb job, my sister, inside the pages of the book and in real life."

Apostle Pam Vinnett, Pam Vinnett Ministries

The Author

  1. Debra Giles

    Debra Giles

    Debra Giles (DebraGiles.com) is the founder of FaithNation, an online ministry-equipping platform, and Tsaba International, a family-based ministry. A workshop facilitator, conference speaker, teacher, and preacher, Debra is part of the Mantle Network and...

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