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Discover Who You Are

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Discover Who You Are

Discover where you fit best and how you can live more effectively.

LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are is a powerful guide to uncovering your talents, spiritual gifts, passions, values, and personality--all that God made you to be. Now revised, it includes new material as well as the engaging stories, inventories, self-tests, and other easy-to-use exercises that make LifeKeys a one-of-a-kind tool. Whether you use it alone or in a group, it will help you

* Find deeper meaning in life
* Consider significant volunteer opportunities in or outside of church
* Work through career changes
* Develop your usefulness to God

Join the more than 100,000 people who have used LifeKeys to better understand themselves and their distinctiveness.

Authors Jane A. G. Kise, David Stark, and Sandra Krebs Hirsh bring years of helping people in church and business discover the richness of all God made them to be and the unique ways only they can contribute to the world.

Also available: LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are Discovery Workbook and Leadership Resource

The Authors

  1. Jane A. G. Kise

    Jane A. G. Kise

    Jane Kise (PhD, University of St. Thomas) works as a consultant, specializing in team building, leadership coaching, and school staff development. She is the bestselling coauthor of over 20 books.

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  2. David Stark

    David Stark

    David Stark ( is president of BusinessKeys International, a consulting practice that serves churches as well as businesses. A former pastor, he has worked with churches for more than twenty years, focusing on strategy, leadership,...

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  3. Sandra Krebs Hirsh

    Sandra Krebs Hirsh

    Sandra Krebs Hirsh is a management consultant worldwide, providing career, leadership, and organizational development consultation. One of her books on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator inventory has sold over two million copies.

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