Life in Flux

Navigational Skills to Guide and Ground You in an Ever-Changing World

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If it seems like the world is in a constant state of flux, that's because it is. Our work, our families, our friendships, and our society are always changing, which can leave us feeling disoriented and discouraged. And while lots of people offer "tips and tricks" or "life hacks" to help us cope, the real secret to feeling like we're standing on solid ground is deeper--and we can't do it alone.

In Life in Flux, leadership, career, and vocation experts Michaela O'Donnell and Lisa Pratt Slayton teach the practical skills needed in order to navigate constant change. They show you how to

· face the pain and longings that come with change
· do the inner work of waking up and letting go
· embrace the unknown with confidence
· listen to God's guiding voice
· get to know yourself, really
· find and keep friends for the journey
· stay attuned to your rhythms and values moving forward

When you feel truly at home in your world and with yourself, you can do hard things with great courage. Life in Flux can get you there.


"If leadership is more about who you are than what you do, Life in Flux is the perfect guidebook to keep you focused on who you are becoming. Through relevant case studies, vivid stories, practical postures, and transformational prayers, you'll be equipped with what you need to keep being changed by Christ to change those around you."

Kara Powell, PhD, chief of leadership formation at Fuller Theological Seminary and coauthor of Faith Beyond Youth Group

"Life in Flux is a practical guide for tough times when it feels like we're stuck. Lisa and Michaela share stories, prompts, and practices to help readers develop skills for a more meaningful life. The book is useful for anyone but will especially resonate with those who find their purpose in Jesus Christ. I can't wait to get my physical copy as this book will be underlined, dog-eared, and frequently reread."

Cammie Dunaway, former chief marketing officer at Duolingo, Nintendo, and Yahoo!

"Reading Life in Flux is like listening to a friend care for you with Ignatian sensitivity. Experienced, empathetic, practical, and trustworthy, Lisa and Michaela offer a path through transition that awakens the whole person."

Anne Snyder, editor-in-chief of Comment magazine

"This book is a life jacket, a compass, a sextant, and a steady voice of calm for anyone trying to navigate the storms of a life in flux. I am going to be assigning it to every one of my students and recommending it to every one of my clients. O'Donnell and Slayton have brought years of deeply attentive listening, wide-ranging scholarship, leadership experience, and their own authentic vulnerability to guide people through the most turbulent moments of life. You'll want to read, reread, and pass along the wisdom of this book to anyone in your life who is facing rough waters."

Tod Bolsinger, associate professor of leadership formation at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of Tempered Resilience

"In a whatever world, it is very difficult to know who we are, why we are, and therefore what we are to do. How would we ever know? And what difference could it make anyway? In their new book, Michaela O'Donnell and Lisa Pratt Slayton draw on years of unusually reflective and thoughtful experience with scores of people and places to offer windows into the integral relationship of ideas to life. Born of their unique ability to see and hear into the questions of honest people longing to make more sense of leadership, Life in Flux is the best of professional competence formed by theological maturity, rooted in every paragraph by hard-won wisdom about the nature of a True North and why it critically matters for individuals and institutions."

Steven Garber, author of The Seamless Life and senior fellow for vocation and the common good, M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

"Life in Flux is a balm for an ever-changing world where burnout is rampant. O'Donnell and Slayton are thoughtful, theologically grounded, and wise guides skillfully navigating through the ambiguity of liminal spaces and offering a praxis for transformation. As a loving leader and joyful disruptor at home in my own life in flux, my soul needs every compassionate, hopeful, and affirming word O'Donnell and Slayton generously offer as they guide us through the inner excavation, postures, and unfolding toward becoming integrated practitioners and flourishing leaders."

Jasmine Bellamy, business leader and founder and spiritual director of Love 101 Ministries

The Authors

  1. Michaela O'Donnell PhD
    Nate Harrison

    Michaela O'Donnell PhD

    Michaela O'Donnell, PhD, is executive director of Fuller Seminary's Max De Pree Center for Leadership. The author of Make Work Matter, Michaela is a sought-after speaker and consultant who regularly presents on the topics of vocation, career, and...

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  2. Lisa Pratt Slayton
    Kara Pearson Photography

    Lisa Pratt Slayton

    Lisa Pratt Slayton is the founding partner and CEO of Tamim Partners, LLC, providing coaching and consulting to executives, businesses, nonprofits, and churches. She also serves as a board director for the Leadership Foundations network.

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