Jesus, Calm My Heart

365 Prayers to Give You Peace at the Close of Every Day

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Before you turn out the lights, turn to Jesus.

When coming to the end of a day feels like coming to an end of ourselves, we often struggle to find the words to pray--or even know where to start. We just know we need God.

Knowing well this weariness, beloved author Ruth Schwenk comes alongside you, offering encouragement and simple prayers of peace and hope. Whether you're exhausted from worry, fear, unanswered prayers, pain, rejection, regret, or lack of joy or purpose, each of these 365 nightly prayers and journaling prompts will infuse hope into your life.

Even as your eyes drift shut, you will discover that the end of a day can also be the beginning of a new and deeper dependence on God. Because when you seek Him, you will find the One who never sleeps--and who strengthens us and works on our behalf even as we rest.

The Author

  1. Ruth Schwenk
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    Ruth Schwenk

    Ruth Schwenk is a bestselling author, founder of the popular blog The Better Mom, and co-host of the podcast Rootlike Faith. Her nightly prayers on Facebook and Instagram have helped millions of women. She lives with her family in Ann Arbor,...

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