Faith for the Curious

How an Era of Spiritual Openness Shapes the Way We Live and Help Others Follow Jesus

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It may surprise you to know that the majority of non-Christians are not hostile to the faith or looking for a fight. In fact, most are open and even curious about spiritual matters. Yet evangelism training and apologetic resources are often geared toward knowing what to say to hardcore atheists and evolutionists, who make up less than 10 percent of the unchurched population.

If you're ready to have respectful and fruitful spiritual conversations with your spiritually curious friends, neighbors, and family members, Mark Matlock offers this research-based approach. He shows you how to

· create a church culture that is open to spiritual exploration and discovery
· help foster meaningful connections to Jesus and his Church
· start spiritual conversations and break through common communication barriers
· bridge the gap between traditional Christianity and the modern spiritual climate
· and much more


"Grounded in both research and decades of ministry experiences, this book offers a much-needed guide to understand this spiritually curious generation. Weaving together data, stories, and practical application, Mark identifies the key shifts required to better engage this generation and to have fruitful spiritual conversations. Faith for the Curious is a must-read for ministry leaders and anyone trying to faithfully love unchurched friends today!"

Tom Lin, president and CEO, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"In Psalm 78 we read about the importance of passing our faith down to the next generations and telling them about God's glorious deeds, power, and wonders. I don't know of anyone who is better equipped and capable of helping the church do this than Mark Matlock. We must tell both the coming generations and the unchurched generations among us the good news of Jesus. In this book, you will discover not only information about where we are and the challenges we face but also hopeful and helpful ideas on what to do about them. Every one of us has a part in passing on our faith. Mark helps us do just that."

Ed Stetzer, PhD, dean, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"Faith for the Curious is for anyone struggling to find effective ways to show and share the life they've found in Jesus in this challenging cultural moment. Drawing from his decades in student ministry leadership and pulling from thorough research on the Spiritually Curious among us, Mark gives us hope that there are paths forward--ways to better express the hope we have and ways to become more curious ourselves, for our own good. People are more open than we realize. Allow God to use this book to free you from fear and make you a light to many!"

Kevin Palau, president, Luis Palau Association

"Mark Matlock has done it again with his intellect, wit, insight, and insatiable desire to convert data into wisdom. In Faith for the Curious Mark helps us reframe curiosity as a source of energy to discover and cultivate faith in Jesus Christ. This is a must-read for anyone who hopes to shape the faith of the next generation."

Matt Markins, president and CEO, Awana; cofounder, Child Discipleship Forum

"Mark Matlock's Faith for the Curious is an innovative exploration into the diverse landscape of American spirituality. Through the introduction of the Spiritually Curious and the Curious Skeptic, Matlock challenges traditional paradigms. As a leader striving to connect in an ever-changing world, I find this book to be an invaluable resource. It offers fresh perspectives on engaging those exploring Christianity, making it an essential read for anyone seeking to bridge the gap and foster meaningful conversations about faith in their everyday lives."

Rob Hoskins, president, OneHope

"Mark Matlock is a cultural expert who skillfully helps us to navigate the challenge of reaching the next generation spiritually. Instead of responding reactionarily, he gives us new tools to be proactive and ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving world. This book offers creative approaches, backed by solid data, to approach the curious not as enemies to be defeated but as treasures to be won."

Allen Yeh, professor of Intercultural Studies and Missiology, Biola University

"There are spiritually curious people in your life and in mine. The question is, Will we be attentive and equipped to reach them? What I love about this book is that it is research-based, practical, and filled with stories of Mark practicing what he preaches. For the sake of the many spiritually curious people at your work and in your family, pick up a copy of Faith for the Curious and put it into practice."

Sean McDowell, PhD, professor of Apologetics, Biola University; author, Set Adrift

"Faith for the Curious is a necessary resource for anyone seeking to understand the vast mission field before us. Mark has long been a trusted guide on the journey of discipleship, and this book does not disappoint."

Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin, founder and executive director, Soulfire International Ministries

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  1. Mark Matlock

    Mark Matlock

    Mark Matlock is Senior Fellow at Barna and a facilitator of innovation and impact. As the founder of WisdomWorks, he has been a consultant for many national and international faith-based organizations, helping them adapt to changing times by turning data and...

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