Evangelism for the Rest of Us

Sharing Christ within Your Personality Style

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Witnessing to strangers is fine for extroverts. But what about the rest of us?

The thought of evangelizing makes your knees shake. You feel guilty about not sharing your faith more often. You think, If only I were more outgoing! Yet the problem isn't with your personality.

Evangelism for the Rest of Us shows you how to witness in ways that are compatible with who God created you to be. Instead of going so far out of your comfort zone, you can use your unique strengths to influence others in powerful ways. This book's fresh, biblical insight will revive your passion for sharing Christ as you learn to work within your personality style instead of against it.


"Evangelism for the Rest of Us by Mike Bechtle shows how each of us, whatever our personality style, can share our faith in a joy-giving, joy-receiving way. A splendid book."--Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One-Minute Manager® and The Secret

"Many Christians have chosen to sit in the 'evangelism dugout' because they don't feel qualified to be on the field. But they've been playing the wrong position. Mike Bechtle's exploration of evangelism helps people discover the unique position God designed them to play, and gives them hope and encouragement to get back in the game."--Dave Dravecky, best-selling author and founder of Outreach of Hope

"If you struggle with sharing your faith, like I do, then Mike's book will be significant. His personal stories and practical ideas are wrapped in a biblical perspective with lots of engaging humor. This book will take a heavy burden of guilt off your shoulders and replace it with the joyful confidence of, 'OK! I can--and want to--share Jesus!'"--Kathy Collard Miller, speaker and author of Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries

"The evangelism fear-factor fades when we simply 'love people and talk to them.' Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, sharing Christ is all about making room for natural relationships with the people in your everyday world. In his book, Mike Bechtle winsomely coaches us all toward authentically living this truth in a most user-friendly way."--Fred Wevodau, National Director of Urban Ministries for the Navigators

"Mike's book touched a chord in my heart as I saw him gently but relentlessly peel away the layers of excuses most of us hide behind. For too many years I practiced the most common and comfortable form of evangelism: I didn't! Now I'm working on Mike's three keys to overcoming fear: stay close to God for integrity of character, stay close to unbelievers for opportunities to influence, and stay close to believers for accountability and partnership. Mike's book didn't make me feel guilty for my failure to share--he is far too kind to engage in that type of negative motivation. Instead, he has written a warm and practical book on evangelism that gives me hope. God wants to partner with me in impacting people's lives eternally, and he wants me to be myself when I do so. Thanks, Dr. Mike. Because of your book, I'm more purposeful about my evangelistic efforts and more confident that God will use me the way I am to lead people to himself."--Dr. Andrew W. Neillie, president, the Deep in the Heart Leadership Group

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  1. Dr. Mike Bechtle
    James L. Hale

    Dr. Mike Bechtle

    Dr. Mike Bechtle (EdD, Arizona State University) is the author of ten books, including People Can't Drive You Crazy If You Don't Give Them the Keys, Dealing with the Elephant in the Room, and It's Better to Bite Your Tongue Than Eat Your...

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