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What is God like? In a world confused about God's essential character, where can seekers turn to discover his identity? The parables of Jesus reveal aspects of God's nature, according to Lloyd Ogilvie, renowned former chaplain of the U.S. Senate. In taking to heart these "earthly stories with a heavenly meaning," we get to know God revealed in his son, Jesus, and discover and do his will. Ogilvie guides readers through 29 of Jesus' stories, and shows what each one reveals about who God is and who we are meant to be. Throughout, Ogilvie's warm, accessible voice invites believers and nonbelievers alike to get acquainted with God and begin to experience His extravagant love for each and every person.


"Lloyd John Ogilvie cares as much as anyone I know about whether people know the God who passionately loves them. His life and ministry have been dedicated to this calling and hope. His latest book gives us yet another window into this life-changing grace of God. It is God's story and God's story transforms our story."

Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Theological Seminary; director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching

"Do you want to change your life? Are you open to developing a closer relationship with Jesus? Dr. Ogilvie led a of group of senators in our Senate Bible Study Group through these parables. My life began anew as a result. Yours can too!"

Connie Mack III, former U. S. Senator

"Allow Dr. Ogilvie to act as an usher and lead you to a front row seat into the presence of Jesus, the master storyteller--and there, find your story in the stories He tells."

Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, senior pastor, Faithful Central Bible Church

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  1. Lloyd John Ogilvie

    Lloyd John Ogilvie

    Lloyd John Ogilvie served as chaplain to the U.S. Senate from 1995 to 2003, after serving as a pastor for forty years. As president of Leadership Unlimited, Dr. Ogilvie continues to be a sought-after speaker for business and professional conferences, clergy...

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