About Brazos Press

Brazos Press—The Tradition Alive

Brazos Press publishes books that foster faithful cultural engagement, creatively bringing the riches of our catholic Christian heritage to bear on the complexity and wonder of life. Brazos is animated by a vision of God reaching out to embrace all of humanity with a love as wide and deep as God’s creation. Our books inspire faithful interaction with issues of importance to the church and the world.

The Brazos Story

Brazos Press was formed to publish across denominational and historical boundaries, nourishing readers with the wisdom of God’s people from ancient Israel and the earliest church to contemporary Christians from around the globe. More than fifteen years into this endeavor, we find the need persists to hear from authors across the spectrum of the catholic Christian tradition who speak to the full range of issues that arise when we engage with our world and our neighbors. Publishing culturally savvy yet unapologetically Christian books, Brazos brings the Great Tradition into conversation with diverse human experience in the twenty-first century—The Tradition Alive.

Our Readers and Authors

Brazos readers are both curious and discerning. They want books that will challenge them intellectually and spiritually, deepening their understanding of God’s creation and inspiring them toward faithful reflection and engagement. They crave high quality books that are well crafted, theologically perceptive, and fully engaged with modern life.

Our aim is to build a carefully curated list of highly regarded books notable for the significance of their authors, the import of their topics, and the contribution they make to public discourse. Brazos authors are leading thinkers writing on topics such as cultural engagement, public life, spirituality, ethics, and Christian belief. They have something to say and can write with both skill and passion, demonstrating that serious writing can also be lively, stimulating, and compelling.

Over the years, Brazos has been grateful to partner with authors who are among the most significant voices of our time, such as Jim Wallis, Lauren Winner, Miroslav Volf, Scot McKnight, Shane Claiborne, James K. A. Smith, Karen Swallow Prior, Alan Hirsch, David Gushee, Peter Enns, Christian Smith, Bethany Hanke Hoang, Wesley Hill, Kevin Vanhoozer, Soong-Chan Rah, Sarah Arthur, Craig Detweiler, Richard Mouw, Peter Leithart, A. J. Swoboda, and C. Christopher Smith.