Your Next Leap of Faith

How to Hear God’s Voice and Boldly Follow

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Live Fearless in a World Dominated by Fear

In the space of just nineteen days, former Army Special Forces officer and police officer Shane Winnings went from a public, six-figure career to an unpaid, full-time missionary position across the country. His story exploded across social media, and to this day he reaches millions each week with his audacious daily encouragement to be a light in a dark world.

Showing how hearing God's voice changes the trajectory of your entire life, Shane infuses you with courage to cast off the world's crushing expectations and go all in for Christ. Through incredible testimonies and real-world application, he empowers you to

· say yes to Jesus
· tune into His voice
· press through your fears and anxiety
· boldly follow where God leads
· take faith-filled risks

You can have a life of incredible adventures, lifesaving protection, and improbable peace. Take your next leap of faith--and never look back.


"Your Next Leap of Faith is a compelling book that challenges readers to step out in faith and follow God's voice, regardless of the cost. With biblical wisdom and personal stories, this book will encourage you to embrace the wild ride of this life of faith. It's a must-read for anyone seeking to grow in their relationship with God and boldly pursue their calling."

Mike Signorelli, lead pastor, V1 Church

"In a time of complacent, cultural, and comfortable Christianity, Shane stands tall as a man of God. His boldness is refreshing. Shane is not a man who learned passively; he learned by standing strong, from the sands of the Middle East as a soldier to the mean streets as a police officer. He is a man of God's Word and an example to all of what a son of God should look like."

Ken Harrison, chairman, Promise Keepers

"Shane's testimony of the work of Christ and the power of the Gospel is a true source of inspiration and encouragement to us all. He challenges and provokes anyone satisfied with ordinary to trust in Christ and to be on mission for the extraordinary."

Ryan Helfenbein, executive director, Standing for Freedom Center; senior vice president of communications and public engagement, Liberty University

The Author

  1. Shane Winnings
    Mark Story

    Shane Winnings

    Shane Winnings ( is a military veteran, a former law enforcement officer, and a Spirit-filled evangelist. He serves as the president of Overcomers Inc., hosts the top-ranked Pursuing Jesus podcast, and reaches millions through his...

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