Your New Now

Finding Strength and Wisdom When You Feel Stuck Where You Are

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In the space between no longer and not yet, you still belong somewhere.

It catches most of us by surprise. Life is going along until suddenly we find ourselves at the crossroads of what was and what is yet to be. This in-between space of transition often keeps us awake at night, asking questions like What am I supposed to do now? and Why do I feel so lost and alone? If a new direction doesn't come, it can feel like you're stuck in a cycle of purposeless days.

Bestselling author and Bible teacher Nicki Koziarz asked those same questions. Changes were coming in multiple areas of her life, and she struggled to navigate through them. But Nicki discovered how to find direction for today by understanding the types of seasons a transition can bring.

In Your New Now, readers will study Moses's life through the perspective of four transition seasons he experienced: development, separation, cultivation, and finished. With practical advice, relatable stories, and biblical wisdom, this book will help you:

Discern which transition season you're in and learn how to overcome its challenges
Stop feeling lost in life by discovering where you belong on the road between what was and what will be
Protect your future by learning to utilize Scripture to fight fears of the unknown

Transitions start with something ending, and waiting for a new beginning can be agonizing. But you can learn to be confident and optimistic, even when life feels like it's paused in an unfamiliar now.


"Life is full of transitions. Some are fun. Some are downright frightening. All come with at least a twinge of fear about the unknown path that lies ahead. If you are in a season of wondering, What's next? or questioning, Why now?, Nicki Koziarz has created a valuable and biblical resource that will help you keep from overthinking the coming changes. Her keen insight and solid Bible teaching will empower you to navigate your current transitions not only with a calm in your heart but with a spring in your step. Your New Now will be a clarifying companion to both assure and quiet your heart on your journey to what is next."

Karen Ehman, New York Times bestselling author and coauthor of Trusting God in All the Things; Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker; wife, mom, and Grandma Kit to baby Jasper

"With four children in high school through college and one almost married, I feel like every few months wear the label and title of this book. Everything that felt so far away years ago comes barreling at me, and it seems like as soon as I settle into now, new enters the picture again. In Your New Now, Nicki Koziarz gives hope to that hard place with practical advice and insight on how to live today for what it is, finding strength in exactly where God has you. This is a much-needed message and a must-read book for every woman feeling stuck in the in-between!"

Ruth Schwenk, coauthor of Trusting God in All the Things

"If you have ever asked God, 'What now?' in a changing season of your life, Nicki is the friend you need to walk with you. With biblical truth and grace-filled reliability, Nicki guides you through each step of what it means to trust God through change."

Ashley Morgan Jackson, Christian speaker; author of Tired of Trying

"Often as believers we find ourselves in the middle ground between our promises from God and the fulfillment of them. Nicki gives personal testimonies and a blueprint to assist readers in navigating this space. We believe that every person who reads this book will be impacted greatly by the wisdom and strategies she shares. We highly recommend Nicki and Your New Now to every person in those in-between spaces of life."

LaJun and Valora Cole, lead servants of Contagious Church; authors of Divine Dispatch

"This book feels like sitting with a cup of tea and an old friend--someone who knows you well and has walked with you through the highs and lows of your life. Each chapter features God's Word, allowing His truth to resonate in your heart and mind amid times of transition. For those who have cried out, wondering if anyone understands the loss and heartbreak you've been through, there is comfort in knowing you are not alone in your questions. Regardless of difficult seasons we may navigate, Nicki's practical responses guide us to choices that create good fruit and reveal the glory of God."

Arielle Gaiser, Your New Now focus group participant

"I will never read Moses's story again without seeing the clear transition seasons, thanks to the words in this book. With humor and humility, Nicki perfectly pairs memorable personal stories with powerful Scripture verses from both Old and New Testaments. This is a book that points to the power and presence of God no matter what season you are in!"

Amanda Greenwood, Your New Now focus group participant

"We all go through transitions and changing seasons in life, and Nicki brings comfort, truth, and practical steps to navigate these seasons from a biblical perspective. Reading this book was the healing process I needed but didn't know would be so beneficial and impactful on my life! I'm a young adult, and Nicki gave me tools that will be helpful for the rest of my life, no matter what the season."

Brooke Slagle, Your New Now focus group participant

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    Nicki Koziarz

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