You Can Break That Habit and Be Free

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Defeat those habits that hold you back from God's best!

We all have bad habits that we wish we could break, but it's those stubborn "acceptable" sins that seem to put up the biggest fight. If you feel like you're in a constant struggle with worry, gossip, criticism, unforgiveness, envy, bending the truth, or some other pattern that hinders your walk with God, this book will give you both the tools and the confidence to change for good.

In these pages, you will read stories of people just like you who overcame obstacles simply by asking for God's help--and then following his direction. You'll find hope in the Word of God and kind encouragement that will lead you to victory over your bad habits.

Habits are formed by repetition, and change won't come instantly. But within the pages of this book are the keys to gaining the upper hand--and to ultimate freedom.

The Authors

  1. Quin Sherrer

    Quin Sherrer

    Quin Sherrer has written or co-authored 29 books, exceeding a million copies. She has spoken to audiences in 48 states and 12 nations and on more than 350 radio and TV shows. For several years Quin also served on the Aglow International board of...

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  2. Ruthanne Garlock

    Ruthanne Garlock

    Ruthanne Garlock is an author and Bible teacher who, with Quin Sherrer, has co-authored 19 books and written two missions biographies. With a broad background of ministry in 35 nations, she travels and teaches for churches, seminars and women's groups....

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