You Are a Prize to be Won

Don't Settle for Less Than God's Best

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In You Are a Prize to Be Won! CBN news anchor Wendy Griffith shares her personal story of falling in love, and then watching her happily-ever-after dreams disappear. In the aftermath of heartbreak, Wendy discovered the truth about who she is in God's eyes . . . and she invites you to make the same discovery about yourself--not just in your head--but deep down in your heart. 
In her warm, storytelling style, Wendy shares the heartbreaking experiences that have helped her define real love. You will learn--as she did--to guard your heart, avoid counterfeits, and enjoy being sensationally single until the right one comes along. God's love for you is extravagant and you shouldn't settle for emotional crumbs. You Are a Prize to Be Won! is for every woman who has ever doubted her incalculable value.


"Wendy Griffith takes the reader on an inspiring journey of self-discovery that reminds us that every woman has within herself the seeds of greatness--an unshakable, undeniable sense of her own net worth that will not allow her to accept one scintilla less."

T. D. Jakes, CEO, TDJ Enterprises

"Born out of her own personal pain and devastation, Wendy, who is single, beautiful, and vivacious, shares her story and the stories of others. Her hope? That you will discover, as she did, the prize that you really are: God's mate and worth the wait. You should never have the option of settling for crumbs when you can have crème brûlée! You Are A Prize To Be Won! is a must read for both the broken and hopeful heart!"

Jensine Bard, executive producer and host, Testimony, a Global Radio broadcast

"Engaging, real, authentic, and deeply personal, this book challenges me, inspires me, and makes me feel a little bit braver in my own journey as I walk with Wendy on hers. There have been a million little 'me too!' moments that I've stumbled across as I read. Any woman, single or not, who has ever struggled to move past 'The Ex' or to 'let go and let God' will be able to relate. What a refreshing and moving look at the journey of the modern, single Christian woman!

Mandy Hale, creator of The Single Woman blog; author, The Single Woman

"You Are a Prize to Be Won! demonstrates the incredible power of story. As I read Wendy's narrative of the airport scene with her boyfriend, my eyes were suddenly opened and I thought to myself, 'Oh, my word, that's me!' When I am reading a book and I see myself over and over on the pages, I know God is using that book to speak to me. There is so much healing in revelation and this book provides just that revelation. The plain truth is--I'm not the same after reading Wendy's book!"

Stacy Hord, speaker; author, A New Vision for Dating

"I stand in awe of Wendy's honesty, wit, and painfully learned truths in You Are a Prize to Be Won! It's a heartfelt clarion call for women to realize that they are worth much more than a second thought text message or an 'I love you, but . . . .' It's a roadmap that will help women to love themselves well, and shows why others should too!"

Charlene Israel, anchor and reporter, CBN News

"Wendy Griffith is an intelligent, accomplished, beautiful woman. To simply look at her, one would assume that she lives a charmed life without care or pain. Looks can be deceiving. In this book, Wendy opens her heart and her life to help us realize that we are valued beyond our imagining and loved with an everlasting love. It is in our deepest loss and our greatest pain that we discover the 'Lover of our Souls'--the One who is always true, never leaves, and knows our deepest longings. Read Wendy's book! Be encouraged, embrace healing and open your heart to a new beginning. You are a prize to be won!"

Terry Meeuwsen, cohost, The 700 Club; founder, Orphan's Promise

"In her book, You Are a Prize to Be Won!, Wendy Griffith has boldly given today's men and women eternal truths about how, since the time of creation, God, our Father, has guided his children to find their future marriage partners. In today's environment with the decline of marriage, her book provides hope and refreshing insights on godly relationships for people of all ages and walks of life. With humility and transparency, Wendy exposes her faulty reasoning and wrong responses as she ignored the warning signs that the man in her life was not God's best. She backs her insights with Scripture and examples from the lives of other people. She gives women a much-needed reminder that the Bible places the initiative in a relationship on the man, not the woman, and every man of God prepares himself for his future bride. I especially appreciate her emphasis on taking a stand for purity and holiness in a relationship. She challenges couples to not only refrain from sex but to not put themselves into compromising situations. As she says, you never need to settle for 'emotional crumbs' when the Lord can send you someone who values you and whose love will last a lifetime."

Bishop Wellington Boone, Chief Prelate, Fellowship of International Churches

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  1. Wendy Griffith

    Wendy Griffith

    Wendy Griffith is an anchor and senior reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Wendy is the Wednesday co-host on The 700 Club and co-anchors two other shows for CBN:  Christian World News, a...

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