Worship Changes Everything

Experiencing God’s Presence in Every Moment of Life

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An Invitation to Praise and Honor God in Every Area of Life

It can be easy to have a heart filled with worship on a Sunday morning as the church band is playing your favorite song. But then comes Monday morning's commute and Tuesday afternoon's pile of laundry. How do we maintain a heart of worship in the daily grind?

Darlene Zschech has spent her life thinking and teaching about worship. With wisdom and contagious joy, she shares her thoughts on what worship truly is and how it should invade every facet of our being. Everything we do can be an act of worship to the Lord, transforming our work, our friendships, our churches, our families. It's all about living in His presence--being aware of the Lord by our side and at work in our lives.

Learn to live a life of worship. You will be amazed by the purpose and freedom it will bring.


"To worship in the light is a joy-filled act of faith. To worship in the dark is a faith-fueled act of war. Darlene has worshiped in the day and through the night. Her words are like her life: sincere and inspiring. This book will be a gift to all who long to worship and love God passionately, especially when the lights go out."

Alicia Britt Chole, speaker and leadership mentor

"No title of any book could be more true, and no truth could be more essential for every person alive! Worship Changes Everything! No one I know lives and exudes this message more than my friend Darlene Zschech. She not only births the anthems for the church around the globe, but breathes them, reflects them, and draws her very essence from the glorious reality of who Jesus is. If you are struggling in the valley low, wrestling in the grip of death, or lost amid the glittering less of this world, dive into these pages, be lifted by the power of Darlene's story, and set your gaze to worship the unchanging, all-powerful God who holds you in His hand. Your response to His greatness, glory, and grace is the key that unlocks doors and sets you free."

Louie Giglio, Passion City Church/Passion Conferences

"Brian and I have been so profoundly changed by what Darlene has pioneered in worship and in her own life. This book will bring another level of impact. We have watched her walk this healing journey out with her eyes on Jesus and His unchanging nature. Darliene's life is a living, breathing testimony that worship does change everything. We are forever indebted to the wonderful Zschechs."

Jenn Johnson, worship leader and songwriter, Bethel Music

"Darlene is a once-in-a-generation leader--selfless in her motivation to see others around her succeed and be released into their greatness. I've had the privilege of being not just a fan but a friend, and her love for God has been a constant inspiration to me over the years. This book is a treasure chest of wisdom, and I will read it over and over again."

Martin Smith, singer and songwriter

"Darlene is a dear friend and an inspiration to anyone who meets her. In her new book she shares some of the pain she has walked through. It will not only inspire you but also give you sound biblical teaching. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how worship impacts every area of life."

Michael W. Smith, singer and songwriter 

"The whole word has been touched and affected by the songs of Darlene Zschech. In Worship Changes Everything, she speaks with such wisdom, heart, and authority on the power of worship in every moment of our lives. We often say that worship is more than singing, and Darlene, once again, amplifies that worship is life! I am more than excited and happy to recommend to all this wonderful book."

Chris Tomlin, singer and songwriter

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  1. Darlene Zschech

    Darlene Zschech

    Darlene Zschech (www.darlenezschech.com) and her husband, Mark, are pastors of Hope Unlimited Church (www.hopeuc.com), which meets in various campuses across the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Acclaimed worldwide as a singer, songwriter, worship...

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