Word Spirit Power

What Happens When You Seek All God Has to Offer

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A deadly divide threatens our faith.

Too often we draw lines in the sand. We emphasize knowing the Bible without welcoming the work of the Holy Spirit. Or we focus on the Spirit, seeking signs, wonders and manifestations while neglecting sound biblical teaching.

This divide prevents our becoming the effective, empowered people He wants us to be.

When we prize the Word over the Spirit or the Spirit over the Word, we miss an element central to our faith. Just as reliably as with a mathematical equation, we need both the Word and the Spirit to live as God intends and to access the power available to us to draw a lost world to His Son.

It's time to erase the lines, bridge the gap, balance the equation.
Only when the Word is honored and the Holy Spirit welcomed will the Lord manifest His power, bringing salvation, understanding, miracles, healings and much more. Only then can you live the truly effective, fruitful life He has empowered you to live.

The Authors

  1. R. T. Kendall

    R. T. Kendall

    Dr. R. T. Kendall (www.rtkendallministries.com), renowned pastor and author, spent 25 years as senior minister of the historic Westminster Chapel in London. He has authored numerous bestselling books, conducts conferences all over the world and is a columnist...

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  2. Charles Carrin

    Charles Carrin

    Charles Carrin, D.D., has been in ministry more than 65 years, most of which time his beliefs and practices denied the supernatural works and gifts of the Holy Spirit. A crisis time in his own life, however, caused him to revise his theology. He received...

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  3. Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor has a ministry that spans more than 54 years, during which he has witnessed various moves of God in revival. His life has been punctuated by encounters with the Holy Spirit that have changed his life and ministry. He is a frequent speaker in areas...

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