Women at the Cross

Experiencing the Wonder and Mystery of Christ’s Love

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Who were the women present at Christ's crucifixion? Why did they come, and why did they stay? What did they see? What did they hear? How do their actions speak to people today? In searching for answers to these and other questions, author Linda Lesniewski discovered that she shared a spiritual kinship with the women who stood there as well as those who have been changed by the cross throughout the years.
Women who read this book will discover a new depth of love for Jesus Christ and realize a greater appreciation for his sacrifice. They will experience the wonders and mysteries of Christ's love, and their faith will be strengthened. Perfect for small groups or personal study, Women at the Cross brings alive the devotion, loyalty, and servanthood of the women who came, who stayed, and who continue to come even today.

The Author

  1. Linda Lesniewski

    Linda Lesniewski

    Linda Lesniewski is women's minister at Green Acres Baptist Church in Texas, where she leads a ministry that reaches over 3,000 women. She is a popular leadership speaker and a trainer for LifeWay Christian Resources. Lesniewski is the author of Connecting...

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