Womanish Theology

Discovering God through the Lens of Black Girlhood

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Khristi Lauren Adams's faith was first shaped by her experiences as a Black girl--learning about Scripture from her grandmother, Mama Hattie; "playing church" with her seven cousins over summer vacation; and grieving the murder of her sixteen-year-old friend when she was just fifteen.

In Womanish Theology, Adams reflects on those experiences, inviting readers to learn from a new perspective and guiding them to a deeper understanding of their own spirituality.

This groundbreaking book introduces a new branch of theological thought Adams calls womanish, as a play on the womanist tradition (the theology of Black womanhood). "Womanish," remembers Adams, is a term Black mothers used for young girls as they grew more interested in doing grown-up things. Adams draws on her own life story as well as the life stories of other Black girls to explore theological concepts such as Scripture, theodicy, salvation, prayer, neighborly love, and the image of God.

Through this journey, readers will learn that theology is for everyone and that the whole community of God can learn from the spiritual insights of Black girls.

Introduction to Womanish Theology
1. Womanish Theology of Scripture
How Black Girls Interpret the Bible
2. Womanish Theology of Salvation
How Black Girls Get "Saved"
3. Womanish Theology of the Imago Dei
How Black Girls Embody the Image of God
4. Womanish Theodicy
How Black Girls Question Evil and Suffering
5. Womanish Theology of Prayer
How Black Girls Talk with God
6. Womanish Theology of Hospitality
How Black Girls Share Their Space
7. Womanish Theology of Service
How Black Girls Love Their Neighbors


"One thing is for sure: Khristi Adams is not and never will be a game! In Womanish Theology she describes a faith path for Black girls and women in a way that feels both hero and homegirl. This is required reading for all of us!"

Candice Marie Benbow, author of Red Lip Theology

"Khristi Adams is a consistent and credible voice for young Black women. In Womanish Theology, she generously takes us on a journey of the spiritual dimensions of her Black girlhood while unpacking the complex, developing, and rich theological wanderings of the contemporary Black girls and young women featured in this one-of-a-kind work. I found myself reclaiming and cherishing anew my own Black girl spiritual development journey."

Christina H. Edmondson, certified cultural intelligence facilitator, public speaker, mental health therapist, and coauthor of Faithful Antiracism

"Womanish Theology is a bold and brave exploration of the spiritual lives of Black girls and adolescents. Through this collection of instructive testimonies, Khristi Adams offers extraordinary insight into the theological sources that engender hope, faith, and self-love. In taking Black girls' spiritual lives and development seriously, Womanish Theology provides an important reminder: children are not just the future of our faith communities, they are also precious interpreters and ambassadors of the faith right now."

Jonathan Lee Walton, president, Princeton Theological Seminary; author of Watch This! The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism and A Lens of Love: Reading the Bible in Its World for Our World

"This book is an important and timely contribution to theological discourse. For more than two decades, I have known Khristi as a leader, mentor, and author who has played a significant role in shaping the emerging theology of numerous Black girls. Womanish Theology offers fresh ethnographic perspectives and gives voice to these girls, who have a lot to teach us about the nature, significance, and agency of God in our modern world."

Cleve V. Tinsley IV, assistant professor of history and political science, executive director, Center for African American History and Culture, Virginia Union University

The Author

  1. Khristi Lauren Adams

    Khristi Lauren Adams

    Khristi Lauren Adams (MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary) is a speaker, writer, youth advocate, and ordained Baptist minister. She is the award-winning author of Parable of the Brown Girl (named the Best Young Adult Book by the African American...

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