With Love from Bliss

series: Saskatchewan Saga

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"That man--that Connor Dougal--I'll find him if it's the last thing I do, and I'll make him pay!"

From the plush drawing rooms of Victorian Toronto to the endless skies and tangled brush of Canada's northland, a young woman travels on a mission of vengeance that will take her--body and soul--where she's never been before.

Kerry: Once a precocious orphan who shocked her elders by spouting obscure Scripture references, Keren-Happuch Ferne has grown into a refined and lovely young woman. She has never forgotten the love and acceptance she soaked in at Maxwell Manor and is fiercely loyal to its inhabitants, especially the frail, gentle Franny. When Franny's demise seems spurred by an act of casual cruelty, Kerry leaves her cosseted life to travel to Bliss, Saskatchewan, to seek revenge.

Gladdy: With a head of uncontrollable red hair, Gladdy has the spunk and drive to match. Plucked from the London slums for a life of servitude, Gladdy resigns herself to dusting and mopping Maxwell Manor forever. When Kerry invites her to journey West, the restless Gladdy jumps at the chance for new adventures.

Two women, bound by protocol, who risk everything to head West. Two men, as different as can be, who tame the wilderness in pursuit of their dreams. One stunning surprise that will change everything.

The Author

  1. Ruth Glover

    Ruth Glover

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