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Wisdom of Solomon

series: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

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The seventeen New Testament volumes in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (CCSS) series have been widely acclaimed. Now the series editors offer readable Old Testament commentaries that integrate the best of contemporary biblical scholarship with the traditional understanding of the Old Testament as prophesying and prefiguring Christ.

Wisdom of Solomon, by Mark Giszczak, is the first Old Testament volume in the CCSS. The commentary offers a robust introduction to the historical and theological background of this often-overlooked book, the RSV-2CE translation of the biblical text, cross-references, Catechism and Lectionary references, and a detailed interpretation of each passage. It also includes helpful sidebars on biblical background and important references to the living tradition of the Church. The commentary guides readers in a thorough and faithful study of the Wisdom of Solomon.

Written from a standpoint of faith in the Holy Spirit's inspiration of Scripture, CCSS Old Testament commentaries are designed for preaching, teaching, and applying Scripture to Christian life today. Accessibly written yet substantive, they include quotations from Church documents, Church Fathers, and saints and are packed with features that make them particularly useful to those doing ministry in Catholic parishes.

General editors for the series are Mary Healy (Sacred Heart Major Seminary), Mark Giszczak (Augustine Institute), and Peter S. Williamson (Sacred Heart Major Seminary).


"The Wisdom of Solomon was the last book of the Catholic Old Testament to be written. It develops Jewish belief in God for a new era, influenced by the ideas of Greek philosophers. Giszczak's commentary offers a clearly presented introduction to this fascinating but enigmatic scriptural book, providing salient quotations from Jewish and Greek sources to illustrate the intellectual background. Useful features include sidebars making connections with Christian life, a glossary explaining technical words, and several illustrations. I commend this commentary to all who wish to understand the Wisdom of Solomon in light of Catholic teaching."

Jeremy Corley, lecturer in sacred Scripture and director of research, St. Patrick's Pontifical University

"This commentary is perfectly designed to make the Wisdom of Solomon comprehensible, accessible, and relevant to Catholic believers. It balances helpful background about the Hellenistic Jewish context in which the book originated with connections to the Catholic traditions of liturgy and theology, from the early Church Fathers to the twentieth century. The numerous 'Reflection and Application' and 'In the Light of Christ' sections make apparent the relevance of the Wisdom of Solomon to contemporary Christian life."

Karina Hogan, associate professor of biblical studies and ancient Judaism, Fordham University

Praise for the CCSS Series

"The New Testament volumes in this series have served me as a constant resource: deeply scholarly, firmly in touch with the Catholic tradition, and impressively readable and teachable. But among Christians today, the Old Testament often is neglected or treated as unintelligible--with the result being a tragic impoverishment of faith. Giszczak's inaugural Old Testament volume is evidence that the same qualities that have set this series apart will be on display in its commentaries on the Old Testament. All Catholics should have these trustworthy volumes at hand."

Matthew Levering, James N. Jr. and Mary D. Perry Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

The Author

  1. Mark Giszczak

    Mark Giszczak

    Mark Giszczak (PhD, The Catholic University of America) is professor of Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute in Greenwood Village, Colorado. He is the author of Bible Translation and the Making of the ESV Catholic Edition and Light on the Dark...

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