Wisdom from the Proverbs

A 40-Day Devotional Journey

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Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Understanding

In this little book, you hold spiritual treasures from King Solomon himself--the man heralded in Scripture as the wisest ever to live. Solomon was blessed with nothing less than having the Spirit of God to enrich his heart and mind with extraordinary discernment. The proverbs he wrote are a condensed version of the wisdom God gave him, providing us with profound insights for every possible circumstance of life.

Now Peter Horrobin helps you apply wisdom from 40 key proverbs to the challenges you face every day. Each devotional provides a baseline for clearer understanding of God's leading. They will feed your soul and encourage your spirit.

Let these gems from God's Word direct your path. You will grow in the knowledge of His presence and walk more securely in His ways.

Peter Horrobin is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries. There are more than 50 Ellel operations in more than 35 countries. Each center provides training courses, schools and opportunities for personal prayer ministry. Peter is a graduate of Oxford University and was a successful publisher before starting Ellel in 1986. Peter and his wife, Fiona, live near the first Ellel center, Ellel Grange, in Lancashire, England. Learn more at www.ellel.org.

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  1. Peter Horrobin

    Peter Horrobin

    Peter Horrobin is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries (www.ellelministries.org). there are now more than fifty Ellel centers throughout the world. Each center provides training courses, schools, and opportunities for personal prayer...

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