When You Love a Prodigal

90 Days of Grace for the Wilderness

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Loving a prodigal can be a long and desperate road, filled with fear, worry, anger, and self-recrimination. You wait for the phone call--will it be from jail or the hospital? You plead with your loved one, then threaten him. You search for help. You feel the shame. You cry out to God, "How long, Lord?"
When You Love a Prodigal will remind you that God walks beside you every step of the way. At the end of each of the 90 reflections, response questions help you process what God is saying. You can work through the reflections day by day, or you can read them straight through.
Judy has traveled this road with her own prodigal--reading, learning, praying, and seeking God. Over and over He continued to give her wisdom, He sustained her, He covered her with grace, and He filled her with hope. May you too be strengthened as you discover how God will take you through your own valley.

"Judy Douglass has written a beautiful, profound, and personal exploration of the power of truly accepting love. It will move every reader, because each of us must be loved as a prodigal if we are to be loved at all."--JOHN & NANCY ORTBERG

Judy Douglass
is the wife of Steve Douglass, president of Cru Global (Campus Crusade for Christ). Judy partners with Steve in leading Cru, where she also serves as director of women's resources. Judy blogs regularly and is the founder and host of Prayer for Prodigals, an online community for those who love someone who is making destructive choices. Judy and her husband live in Orlando, Florida.


"Judy's excellent book, When You Love a Prodigal, is not only a very practical help to those who have prodigals, it is a preparation for the ministry God will give you in helping others who are parents of prodigals. This book, because it is biblically based, will help you comfort others with the comfort, wisdom, and understanding you will receive from Judy and Steve's experience. O Beloved, don't waste your sorrows--share how God has sustained you."

Kay Arthur, author, Bible teacher

"So many times those who pray for and love the wayward feel utterly alone, but in When You Love a Prodigal, you will find needed solace and companionship. Backed by Scripture, real-life experience, and hard-won wisdom, author Judy Douglass has the expertise and heart to guide you through a devotional prayer journey toward hope. In its pages you will begin to understand what a gift it is to your walk with God to labor in prayer for another."

Mary DeMuth, author of Healing Every Day: A 90-Day Devotional Journey

"As a friend of mine used to say, 'Motherhood is hard,' and every mother I know agrees. Somehow, women survive, but it is not easy. Some parents who have children of their own reach out to children who have no home. Such has been the case with Steve and Judy Douglass. I have known them for years, long before they were married. I would trust them with my life. God trusted them with an abandoned child, and they took him in and loved him as their own. There is no doubt they saved his life. It was not easy. Her story is amazing. Judy shares biblical truths she learned on her agonizing journey that will be helpful to anyone who loves a prodigal."

Mary Graham, former president, Women of Faith

"Thank you, Judy, for the gift of When You Love a Prodigal. This ninety-day devotional invites us to enter a journey of hope and in so doing experience the very character of a loving Heavenly Father who welcomes and restores prodigals. This compelling book is written from the heart and full of encouragement!"

Dr. Crawford W. Loritts Jr., author, speaker, radio host; senior pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA

"When You Love a Prodigal is a goldmine of honesty, compassion, hope, and encouragement. If you love a prodigal, this is the book to read!"

Josh and Dottie McDowell, author/speaker, CRU

"Every parent of a prodigal benefits from the presence of a friend who has stood in the road searching in the distance for a glimpse of their loved one's return. Judy Douglass is just such a friend. With mounds of wisdom and worn knees, Judy offers the comfort of companionship. God has placed Judy on a platform of worldwide leadership and yet she bends close to every single parent who suffers."

Elisa Morgan, speaker; author, The Beauty of Broken and Hello, Beauty Full; cohost, Discover the Word; president emerita, MOPS International

"This book is a book of hope. Each day brings a huge dose of powerful, faith-building encouragement through God's Word. The stories, uplifting insights, and Judy's personal journey will give you courage to face another day changing your fear to faith. Each devotional points you to your Heavenly Father, who hears your cries and answers your prayers. He loves you and He loves your prodigal. Don't give up, no matter what!"

Fern Nichols, founder, Moms in Prayer International

"Judy Douglass has written a beautiful, profound, and personal exploration of the power of truly accepting love. It will move every reader, because each of us must be loved as a prodigal if we are to be loved at all."

Nancy and John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Church

"My wife and I had the privilege and joy of working closely with Judy and her husband as they were walking through the challenges of loving a prodigal. I am so pleased that the powerful lessons Judy learned on her journey of obedience and service will bless so many who are also seeking to love their prodigals well."

Roy Peterson, president, American Bible Society; former president, Seed Company and Wycliffe Bible Translators

"Loving a prodigal, without enabling a child, is one of the most challenging assignments a parent ever faces. If there is ever a time parents need a mentor, it's when one of their children goes rogue. Judy Douglass is the compassionate mentor and friend you need to guide you as parents in loving your child."

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, cofounders of FamilyLife

"As parents of a prodigal child, the journey to unconditional love and forgiveness for Judy and Steve Douglass came in understanding God's unfailing grace for their child . . . and themselves. Let this book of devotionals so honestly and beautifully written by Judy encourage and sustain you as you walk your path to bring your prodigal home. You don't have to walk it alone."

Les Steckel, former CEO and president, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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  1. Judy Douglass

    Judy Douglass

    Judy Douglass is the founder and host of Prayer for Prodigals, an online community for those who love someone who is making destructive choices. She has served as editor of two Cru (Campus Crusade
    for Christ) magazines, has authored five books, and speaks...

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