What Your Soul Needs for Stressful Times

60 Powerful Truths to Protect Your Peace

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What's causing you stress right now? Maybe it's a bad day or a busy schedule, the headlines on your television or the news you got from your doctor, family challenges or the latest project at
work. You find yourself asking questions like . . .

What's going to happen?
How will this all work out?
Why do I feel so tired sometimes?

If that sounds like you, then this little book is an invitation to pause for a few moments of peace and strength each day. You're not the only one, and you don't have to handle this alone.

This encouraging devotional from bestselling author, counselor, and life coach Holley Gerth offers spiritual truth to soothe your soul and practical tools to apply that will truly make a difference. Each day, Holley offers Scripture, a prayer, questions for reflection, and inspirational quotes to help you learn to live with more peace and less pressure, more calm and less chaos, more worship and less worry.

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  1. Holley Gerth
    Luke Davis, Main Street Studios

    Holley Gerth

    Holley Gerth loves humans, words, and good coffee. She's the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of many books, including What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, What Your Soul Needs for Stressful Times, The Powerful Purpose of...

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