What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex

A Guide for Christian Men

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It's an unfortunate reality that many men grow up in churches that suppress their God-given sexual urges. As a result, many Christian men, single and married, are frustrated with their love lives and their sex lives. The authors of this book claim that Christian men should be the greatest lovers in the world and then work to show men how to do it. They help men:

-learn what the Bible says about a healthy sex life -discover how to relate to women as men instead of as boys
-address psychological and spiritual issues that interfere with healthy sexuality
-learn specific techniques that create a strong relationship, great foreplay, and passionate sex

Solidly based in Scripture and informed by the experiences of the authors, all respected sex therapists, What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex dispels the myths that keep good Christian men from experiencing sex as God meant it to be. Perfect for any man, it is also a great book for counselors and pastors who work with men.


"Howes, Rupp and Simpson have written a straightforward, no holds barred, entertaining manual for Christian men with regard to sex. These authors advocate totally biblical approaches to one of the most critical of all human, marital interactions. The book is easy to read, immediately applicable, and a great reference for any man who takes his Christianity and his sexuality seriously."--Neil Clark Warren, founderand chairman, eHarmony.com

"This book will become a pivotal medium that changes the relationships between men and women of this era. Our sexual relationships have been placed in severe jeopardy by the constant media poison in the exploitation of deep-seated needs for true love. The authors have introduced the reality that we catch the first glimpse of true loving intimacy through the complete openness of our soul's nakedness through sex. It is not a new thought that religion can enhance your understanding of loving yourself and your wife, but this book has broken the fears and destructive guilt of Christianity into its true design to follow the real principles of sexual love as it was meant to be, embracing the most profound capacity to love one another at the soul and body ecstasies."--Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer

"Combining candor with humor, frankness with sensitivity, and professional knowledge with personal experience, this book offers a delightful overview of what husbands need to know about sex. One gets the feeling that these three Christian husbands have not only compared notes about marital sexuality with each other, but also with their wives. The book rings true. This helpful guide would be my first choice to put in the hands of a man about to be married, or any married man who values the sexual aspect of his marriage."--Jack Balswick, professor of sociology and family development, Fuller Theological Seminary

"I had great fun reading this book, clearly written by men for men. At last Christian men will not have to resort to reading Maxim in order to get straight talk about sex. The authors have reclaimed sex and celebrate it rightly as God's good gift, meant to be lavishly and extravagantly enjoyed by men and women who want the fullness of intimacy that God intended. I look forward to the next version, perhaps written by their wives, for Christian women who want to play alongside of their men in this delightfully lush garden."--Linda M. Wagener, associate dean of the School of Psychology, Fuller Seminary

The Authors

  1. Ryan Howes

    Ryan Howes

    Ryan Howes (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a therapist in private practice who specializes in helping men overcome sexual issues. He is an adjunct faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary and Pepperdine University.

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  2. Richard Rupp

    Richard Rupp

    Richard Rupp (M.F.T., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a licensed marriage and family therapist at Pasadena Psychotherapy Center and has taught at Fuller Seminary. He is a frequent speaker at men's conferences and retreats.

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  3. Stephen Simpson PhD

    Stephen Simpson PhD

    Stephen W. Simpson, PhD (Fuller Theological Seminary) is the former assistant director of the Fuller Psychological and Family Services and a psychotherapist in private practice. He is the coauthor of What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex....

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