What Really Matters

How to Care for Yourself and Serve a Hurting World

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When it comes to our personal well-being, success is often more dangerous than failure. As we try to fulfill others' expectations, we deplete our time, energy, and enthusiasm and end up feeling wrung out or burned out, sometimes even flaming out in spectacular ways. It may feel like the solution is just to quit--our jobs, our passions, our ministries--but there is a way to pour into others and take care of ourselves.

Sharing the dramatic, true, and untold story behind the creation of Convoy of Hope, Hal Donaldson and his daughter Lindsay Donaldson-Kring pull back the curtain on Hal's journey to greater mental, physical, and spiritual health amid the all-engrossing task of starting and sustaining a ministry. They reveal the toll ministry and compassion work can take on both individuals and families, then point toward healing and wholeness.

Insightful and encouraging, this book offers practical, real-world solutions to persistent problems associated with being the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting world.


"In What Really Matters, Hal addresses a challenge we all face--how to make a difference without burning out and sacrificing relationships. The principles in this book are both valuable and applicable, regardless of whether you're leading a global ministry or a group of friends."

Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life.Church and New York Times bestselling author

"Hal's work with Convoy of Hope, which helps millions of people in need worldwide, is a beautiful story in its own right. However, this is more than that--this is a story that will cause you to imagine how God can use the difficulty you have faced for his glory."

Jennie Allen, New York Times bestselling author of Find Your People and Get Out of Your Head and founder and visionary of IF:Gathering

"Hal Donaldson has given his life to making a difference in this world and helping those in great need. He has led this charge with utmost integrity. In What Really Matters, Hal gives an honest and vulnerable view of not only the reward but the cost of daring greatly. I highly recommend this book to any hopeful world changer!"

Chris Tomlin, Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter

"Vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency, undergirded with the finished work of Jesus Christ, changes the world. My dear friend Hal Donaldson delivers a life-changing message adhering to the aforementioned rubric. This book is much more than a must-read. This is a must-do!"

Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor of New Season, president/CEO of NHCLC, author of You Are Next and Your Mess, God's Miracle, and executive producer of Breakthrough and Flamin' Hot

"What Really Matters is a captivating and poignant exploration of the profound impact made by Convoy of Hope, a true beacon of altruism and resilience in a world often filled with despair. This testament to the power of collective goodwill is a must-read for anyone seeking to navigate life with greater compassion and understanding . . . more relevant today than ever before."

Kathy Ireland, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

"We believe wholeheartedly in everything Hal Donaldson and Convoy of Hope stand for. And we are thankful for all they do to help make this world a better place. They are an organization worthy of standing with."

Ben and Ashley Roethlisberger, all-pro quarterback, Pittsburg Steelers; Roethlisberger Family Foundation

"What Really Matters is a deep exhale and look back at the greatness accomplished by a family who puts the needs of others first. There is an honest recognition of the cost of selfless living and a question put forward for us as we turn each page: Is it possible to love my spouse [and children] well while caring for the poor, the widow, and the orphan? We wrestle with this question alongside our friends and mentors, Hal and Doree Donaldson, and are grateful that the conversation is being widened."

Mōriah and Joel Smallbone, artist and actress; for KING & COUNTRY

"This book is a must-read for Christ followers--especially those of us who haven't gotten the divine memo that busyness is not a spiritual gift! I so appreciated the authenticity and practical wisdom regarding how to live more compassionate, Jesus-shaped lives and yet not sacrifice intimacy with him or our own wholeness in the process of caring for other image bearers."

Lisa Harper, Bible teacher, speaker, and author of LIFE

"I highly recommend What Really Matters from my friend and world-class leader, Hal Donaldson. Loaded with divine insight and compelling stories, this book will infuse you to change your world."

Mariano Rivera, Hall of Fame pitcher for the New York Yankees

"What Really Matters reminds us that servant leadership begins with stewarding our own health and well-being. As president and founder of the faith-based nonprofit Convoy of Hope, Hal Donaldson knows firsthand that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity in order to fulfill God's calling in our lives. Hal reveals how overcoming fatigue, distractions, and burnout only happens when we trust God enough to rest in him more than our own efforts. Every leader needs this book!"

Chris Hodges, senior pastor of Church of the Highlands and author of Out of the Cave and Pray First

The Authors

  1. Hal Donaldson

    Hal Donaldson

    Hal Donaldson is the founder and CEO of Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization that leads humanitarian initiatives across the United States and around the world. The author of more than 30 books, Hal has degrees in journalism and biblical studies. He and his...

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  2. Lindsay Donaldson-Kring

    Lindsay Donaldson-Kring

    Lindsay Donaldson-Kring trained as an attorney and now serves with Convoy of Hope's marketing and communications team.

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