What Is Happening to Me?

How to Defeat Your Unseen Enemy

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Walk in Divine Victory!

From the ghetto of Brooklyn to success in Hollywood to a stunning restoration in Jesus, Jeannie Ortega Law fought witchcraft, abuse, demonic attacks, violence, suicidal thoughts, rejection, being treated like a commodity as a pop star and more. She has learned that you must activate your spiritual sight to defeat the darkness in this world.

In What Is Happening to Me?, Jeannie will help you to

· discern unseen spiritual activity affecting your life
· guard your heart and mind and close the door to evil
· overcome lust, anger and addictions
· break soul ties and get out of bad relationships
· rest in the love of God and His purpose for your life

Let this book move you from being on the defense to taking an offensive stand against the enemy. You can win battles that seem overwhelming. Open your spiritual eyes and walk in your divine authority, inheritance and victory!


"An amazing story of a determined young woman who went from the streets to the stage for the glory of God. Knowing Jeannie since she first came to Metro Sunday school in Brooklyn as a young girl, I knew the odds had been stacked against her from day one. It is no secret what God can do in the life of someone who is willing to turn theirs over to Him."

Bill Wilson, pastor and founder, Metro World Child

"What a read! Jeannie has written What Is Happening to Me? with a fierce passion that will inspire, encourage and catapult you right out of anything that may be holding you back or harnessing you to defeat! You won't be able to put this book down! I greatly appreciate her candid life transparency that paints a pathway to hope and victory!"

Dr. Tracy Strawberry, author; speaker; founder, Finding Your Way

"My dear friend Jeannie Ortega Law's book What Is Happening to Me?  is an honest and eye-opening spiritual coming-of-age account of her growing up in New York City. She shares how the God of the universe intersected her life of self-doubt, confusion and fear and enabled her to break free and conquer her childhood traumas and spiritual deviancy. This book is a practical, step-by-step guide to understanding the power, authority and love of God, which can free us to experience the new identity we have in Christ! If you're confused about your faith in God, pick up this book and find the clarity you've been looking for!"

Joe Battaglia, author; founder, Renaissance Communications; co-executive producer, Keep the Faith

"Jeannie Ortega Law has faced the work of Satan like few have. She faced it as a young child, she faced it growing up, and she knows how to overcome the devil. I recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to be free from Satan's power."

Bishop Tom Brown, founder and pastor, Word of Life Church, El Paso, Texas

"Jeannie captivates us right from the first sentence with her transparency, evoking truth and informing us that we must be aware of the spiritual battle we encounter here on earth. She packs the pages full of powerful Scripture to utilize as we do battle against an enemy we can't see. What Is Happening To Me? reminds us that every life is beautiful, ordained by God and powered by the Holy Spirit. The book is a must read for such a time as this!"

Shari Rigby, actress, Overcomer and October Baby; author, Consider the Lilies and Beautifully Flawed; motivational speaker

The Author

  1. Jeannie Ortega Law

    Jeannie Ortega Law

    Jeannie Ortega Law (www.jeannieo.com) is a chart-topping singer, speaker, media personality, journalist and actress from New York City. Her TV show, In the Mix, appears on TBN's Salsa Network and 24 Flix. She tours various venues,...

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